DIY phone stand from recycled toilet paper rolls

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  • You can create a fun phone holder from a toilet paper roll by placing it upwards and cutting two diagonal slits to form an angle.
  • Take it to the next level by adding two paper glasses to make a “sound-amplifying” phone holder. This can be decorated with musical motifs to emphasize its functionality.
  • If you have leftover nail polish or eyeshadow that has passed its expiration date, include them in your crafting stash and use them to paint your phone stand.
  • For the retro nostalgic, a bit of colored fluff will give your holder a vintage look. Also, a doily wrapping will make it a great gift for grandma’s phone, so that she doesn’t need to hold it in her hand for too long.
  • Wrap it in colorful cellophane to make it look like candy or add glitter or sparkly rhinestones for a fashionista.

A few ideas to personalize your DIY phone holder:

  • If using washi tape, you can use the same tape to cover your charger and make it look like the holder. In a home with a large family, this will save you the trouble of searching for your charger or fight over who took it and won’t admit.
  • A paper towel roll is larger and is great for tablets or as a holder for more than one phone.
  • If you’re feeling over-crafty, you can replace the push pins with a beautiful wire stand in any shape you like. Just make sure it won’t move or roll in the stand and make your phone fall down.

Wanna know how to make a DIY phone holder out of toilet paper rolls? Read along!

How to make a phone holder

DIY phone stand



Making the slot

  • Place your phone over the toilet paper roll and trace around it to mark the whole where the phone will stand once the holder is done.


  • Cut out the toilet paper roll.


Covering the tp roll

  • Tape washi tape all around the roll. You’ll notice it will make a small hollow which is good as it will help you with the next step.


  • Mark a dot about 1″ away from the middle of the edge of the hole. Do the same on the other side too.


  • Then connect the dots.


  • Connect each dot with the corners of the hole so you’ll form a V.


  • Using a cutting tool or sharp, small scissors, cut along the line and one side of each V.


  • Press the disconnected washi tape strip towards the inside and tape it to the toilet paper roll, on the inside.


  • Follow the above 2 steps for the other side of the V’s.


  • Now press each V towards the inside and tape them to the toilet paper roll.


Finishing touches

  • Finish off the edges of the toilet paper roll by taping some more washi tape around each edge, so that it tapes around the toilet paper roll half way only.


  • Clip all around the other half then push it towards the inside and tape to the toilet paper roll.


  • Now pin a couple of pushing pins on both sides of the roll, at both ends (just like some little feet). Make sure the distance between the pins at one end and the ones at the other end is wider than your phone; this way the phone won’t get scratched.

Toilet paper phone holder

I used one type of washi tape on the sample stand for photo purposes only. The steps are clearer and easier to see this way. But I really like mixing up the washi tape rolls! So I made another homemade phone holder with a few different washi tape patterns.

Making this DIY phone stand is not as easy as if you would use wider washi tape. But it makes this DIY phone holder much more fun and interesting. At least that’s how I see it.

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DIY phone holder

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  1. Love this idea, I am just one of many elderly Ladies that attends WAC Class at HarmonyFreeWill Baptist Church in Lake Butler,fl , I have been collecting Toilet Paper Rolls & Paper Towel Rolls to make projects for the Ladies at our church. Looks like a great idea. I

  2. I need this in my life and I’m bored to tears with making Christmas ornaments from these litle buggers right now. I’m going to make a few of these, that way I can give some to my BFF and keep some in several places at home. Thanks for the idea!

  3. what can u use in place of push pins

    1. You can try and hot glue small pieces of wood plugs.

    2. wine corks, legos, dice

  4. Thank you so much for this craft! Especially since I’m in quarantine now and it’s very hard to find things to do! 🙄😞 It looks SO CUTE, can’t wait to try it!


    1. Thanks, Kenzie! Hope you’re doing well! Be safe!

  5. Lynne Clark says:

    Great idea, but the one problem I see with it is that the tp roll is not deep enough to accommodate the charger cable. If the phone is on the charger at the same time, then it won’t cut out just when one of your favorite songs is playing. One tubular thing that is large enough is a Pringles can.

    1. Hi, Lynne. Thanks for your feedback! This is not a charger, it’s a phone holder. However you can use it as a charger if you like, just keep the phone upside down when charging.

      1. Or cut a slot to accommodate the plug.

  6. I just discovered washi paper for the first time a few days ago! It’s neat to see all the things you can decorate with it. These are so cute. If there is one thing in my household we have a lot of its toilet paper rolls. What a great idea!

  7. Sebastian says:

    good thing to do wen you are bored and wen your arms get tired


    How much is the cell phone stand??

    1. Sharon not sure I get your questions. Do you mean the price or the size? We don’t sell these and the size is the size of your toilet paper roll.

  9. Judysasim says:

    I can’t find the post of how to make this. Of course I can figure it out by looking at the pic but I had to submit my e-mail for other things I wasn’t looking for. Cheap shot.😣

    1. Hi there! The step by step tutorial is on page 2. You passed it just as you scrolled down to post this comment.

  10. Laura AlbertsonDribelbis says:

    This is an amazing idea and for my son’s tablet I can use a paper towel roll! Thank you for sharing this handy craft.

    1. Thanks! Your son will love his new storage space for his tablet!

  11. Laurie Meetze says:

    I never did see any tutorial on “HOW TO MAKE” the cell phone holder from recycled toilet paper rolls??? Mmm… WELL???

    1. Hi Laurie! I’m not quite sure what your question is but if you are looking for my tutorial, it’s on the second page. Just press “Click to continue reading” at the bottom of page 1.

  12. Hi, you put push pins on the bottom of the toilet paper holder the spike side is on the inside to make it not scratch the phone what did you do?

    1. Hi, Aleeza! I measured my phone against the holder and placed pins at a distance safe enough for my phone. They don’t come anywhere near my phone. You can place them as close as possible to the ends of the holder.

  13. This was a great idea, I am going to make it into a Christmas present for my parents and hopefully they’ll like it. Never like to be picky, but will they be able to press the home button on the device whilst it is in the holder?
    Thanks heaps!

    1. Hi Dee! These are a great gift idea indeed but not sure your folks will be able to press the button while phone is in the holder, it’s pretty light. Maybe try and use thicker paper tubes and glue the bottom to a small wood platform for stability. Just a thought. Happy holidays!

  14. This is such a neat project!
    I needed something quick and easy for work, and thanks to your blog- I was able to make something!
    I’m sharing my experience and your site on my blog!

    Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks so much, Samantha! I’m glad you liked my project and that I inspired you to make one for yourself!

  15. These are so cute. I am OCD though so my push pins will have to match. I am going to try this with ribbon. I can use Modge Podge to adhere the ribbon. I will use Modge Podge over the ribbon when all is completed. I’m sure that will make it more sturdy. Thank you for this idea. I love looking at something and figuring out how to make it my own.

    1. Hi Carrie. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Modge Podge is an awesome idea, it will definitely make it sturdier, particularly useful for heavier phones. Great idea! xoxo

      1. We can not get ours to stand. The phone is too heavy for the holder. Any suggestions?

      2. Hi Jill. You could try using sturdier paper tubes from kitchen towels, some are very thick. These are also larger so you could cut to the size you need. Also apply a few layers of mod podge and allow to dry completely, before decorating in washi tape. Hope these help.

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