Sun & Feather Wall Decor That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Make a statement in your home design with a stunning sun & feather wall decor! This feather wall art is outrageously gorgeous and insanely easy to make!

Sun wall decor

Feather wall decor in the shape of a half sun with hanging feathers

I love simple, affordable home decor ideas that are super easy to make and a great opportunity to recycle old stuff I have around the house. This feather wall decor is insanely easy and cheap to make and a great way to use up some of my never ending scrapbook paper stash!

A gorgeous feather wall hanging like this is such an amazing addition to a home decor as it will instantly brighten up any room! This intriguing sun and feather wall art is so darn adorable and cheerful you’ll want to make one for every room in the house!

sun wall decor

This feather wall decor project is so easy and safe to make, kids will love helping you make it! And older kids can even make one on their own, it really is a no brainer; so much fun and playful! And the best part is this simple feather home decor uses just a handful of materials you most likely have on hand, especially if you are a craft hoarder as I suspect.

My feather and sun wall decor will add so much interest to your home decor, everyone will be impressed and think you’ve spent a fortune on making this!

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Feather Wall Decor

feather wall hanging



  • Cut a half circle shape from the white poster board that is 19” long x 10 ½” tall.
  • Cut the yellow scrapbook paper into a half circle shape 7 ½” long x 3 ½” tall.

sun wall decor

  • From the 5 coordinating scrapbook papers and the yellow paper, cut very thin strips of paper about 7” long and about ⅛” inches wide. You will need between 30 and 50 of these strips.

feather art projects

  • On the left over paper, sketch and cut out between 10 – 12 feather shapes. They can be various sizes between 4 – 7 inches long and about 2 – 3 inches wide.

feather room decor

  • Use the mod podge to adhere the yellow paper the bottom center of the poster board.

hanging feather decorations

  • Starting at the top center of the sun, begin adhering the strips of paper around the edge using the mod podge.

round feather wall hanging

  • Continue until the strips of paper are all around the sun to look like sun rays.

wall decor feathers

  • Add 5 strips of washi tape hanging down from the bottom of the sun; one from the center and two spaced evenly on either side.
  • Stick the feathers down the tape as shown.

feather wall art diy

  • Step 10. Hang on the wall with a push pin and enjoy.

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Feather wall decor

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