Cheap Fabric covered DIY planter

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Need unique flower planter ideas? Make your own planter that is personalized to your style and home decor with this cheap DIY planter that makes gardening easy, pretty and fun! 

DIY Fabric Planter

DIY Fabric planter

Ever thought about recycling a large ice cream container into a DIY fabric planter to instantly change the whole mood of your house? Well, not exactly a planter made entirely out of fabric but fabric definitely plays a big part in this project! If you’ve been looking for ideas to make DIY large planters this is cheap, fun, easy and quick!

A fabric covered DIY planter is a great and inexpensive way to brighten up your home decor. It’s an easy way to add interest (or even cuteness) to any boring or empty space in your home, inside and outside. Plus if you’re using an ice cream container as I did, you get the chance to go green by recycling an item you normally throw in the garbage.

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To make this DIY planter you can use any container size you like (but the larger the better) and any fabric type or pattern, even scraps of fabric if you have many as I do. You can make this project holiday or season related. My daughter is anxious for Halloween to come and she’s crazy about owls. I purchased this owl fabric last Halloween and used it to make a pretty and handy Halloween Tote Bag for her. I haven’t used it since but I thought I could use this fabric for this pretty fabric covered planter. Because besides Halloween, Ellie also loves gardening and taking care of her plants! Seriously! I’m so blessed! This kid is amazing! She’s so responsible and helpful, I can’t believe she’s my flesh and blood!

Flower planter ideas

For this project a spray adhesive would do wonders and make your work way faster. But I didn’t have any and as I try to be as frugal as possible, I used the stuff I got around the house. So fabric adhesive it is! In a regular bottle, with a regular nozzle, making my life way harder. But I love the result and it was such a fun project! In spite of my rudimentary tools, it all went very fast and I was able to enjoy my planter in just a few minutes!

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DIY planter

DIY large planters

Materials needed:

  • Fabric adhesive (spray adhesive if you have)
  • Fabric scraps of choice
  • Empty ice cream container
  • Sewing scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Spray paint (optional)


Preparing the container

  • If you’re not happy with the color of your ice cream container, use a spray paint to color it as preferred before proceeding to cover in fabric. I thought the original gray color won’t be a good fit for my fabric and the flowers I was gonna plant, so I painted the rim black. Just the rim, no need to cover the entire container in paint as it will all be covered in fabric.

Fabric covered planter step 1

Cutting fabric to size

  • Measure around your container and from top to bottom, continuing a couple inches to the middle of the bottom.

Fabric covered planter step 2

Fabric covered planter step 3

  • Cut your fabric using these measurements, adding an inch or two to the length/width. Mine was 33″ x 8″ so I cut 35″ x 8″.

Fabric covered planter step 5

Gluing the fabric to sides

  • If you’re using spray adhesive, spray the container around and place the fabric on, smoothing out as you go. If you’re using fabric adhesive as I did, just place some of the adhesive in key points like corners and middles. Start on a side, glue the fabric on, leave to dry. Work in small sections and smooth out the fabric as much as possible

Fabric covered planter step 6

Fabric covered planter step 7

Gluing fabric to rim

  • Place some adhesive around the inside of the rim and glue the fabric on. Use a tool to gently push the fabric, but making sure it stays out inside the rim.

Fabric covered planter step 8

Fabric covered planter step 9

  • Leave to dry.

Fabric covered planter step 10

Gluing bottom

  • Next open up the fabric and place some adhesive to the edges and to the bottom of the container. Smooth out the fabric.

Fabric covered planter step 11

  • Place some adhesive in between fabric layers at the bottom to glue it all in place.

Fabric covered planter step 12

  • When you get to the end of the fabric strip, fold the fabric in to give it a nice finish and apply adhesive. (you can do the same with the bottom if you want to, although it won’t show)

Fabric covered planter step 13

  • Keep the container upside down and leave to dry completely (the time would depend on the properties of your adhesive).

Fabric covered planter step 14

  • When completely dry, fill the container with soil and plant some pretty flowers.
  • Enjoy your new DIY planter!

Do you like making your own planters? What do you use? If you liked my idea please let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to rate it! Thanks!

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DIY planter

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