Simple easy plastic bottle flower vase step-by-step tutorial

Make your own recycled vase using this super easy tutorial for a plastic flower vase from plastic bottle! If you didn’t know better, you’d swear this handmade flower vase was made out of crystal or glass!

Plastic flower vase

Make your own recycled vase using this super easy tutorial for making a DIY flower vase out of plastic bottle. If you didn't know better, you'd swear it was made out of crystal!

I love making home decor out of old stuff or things I’m ready to throw in the garbage. It’s a great way to recycle and spend less money on the home decor I need, like this plastic flower vase! It all brings me one step closer to an awesome goal of mine: living greener every day!

Only about 60% of all plastic bottles are being recycled around the world, and the US recycles only 29% of its bottles. The rest of them end up in landfills and each plastic bottle takes about 450 years to decompose naturally. In the meantime, they may leak toxic substances that poison water and soil, or may suffocate small animals that can get trapped inside.

Reusing plastic products as long as we can helps reduce the consumption of energy to make new plastic and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

How to make a vase out of a plastic bottle

This homemade flower vase will take little to no time to make and it’s a great project to make with the kids too. Just make sure they wear gloves and mouth and nose protection to keep them safe from all the paint fumes. This plastic flower vase is a great way to add to your home decor without messing your budget! And not to mention a wonderful opportunity to put a personal touch to your home decor.

Next time you’re ready to down a plastic bottle, think about making something useful out of it, something as simple and handy as a DIY flower vase. This plastic bottle decoration is an easy, super quick and inexpensive project and looks great filled with pretty, colorful flowers!

Need more recycling ideas?

In addition to being great as flower vases, these plastic bottles can be used as centerpieces too, decorate for the season. Fill them with real or artificial flowers and you get yourself a few pieces of wonderful home décor at affordable prices.

How to use a plastic bottle flower vase?

  1. As a gift to friends – Each DIY object bears the maker’s touch, so this makes these plastic bottle flower vases great personal gifts for your loved ones. They will appreciate the time and effort you put into creating something unique just for them and not just rushing to the nearest store to buy some ready-made gifts that many others already have.
  2. Mother’s Day – Women love receiving flowers, as only one flower can have a great impact on your interior design. Flowers bring nature inside the house and beautiful flowers need a beautiful vase. These vases are great birthday or Mother’s Day gifts to make with kids, and thus teaching them the importance of recycling and reusing instead of throwing away one-use plastic products.
  3. As a craft for kids – Kids will enjoy this plastic bottle craft and you can even make a blank vase for them to paint afterwards. Just coat with paper paste or plaster and let dry before they try their hand at personalizing the vase.

How to personalize your handmade flower vase from plastic bottle?

DIY recycled plastic bottles are unique and reflect our own personality. The possibilities are endless and it all comes down to your creativity. Here are a few ideas to make and decorate your plastic flower vase:

  1. This is a great project to use up leftover craft supplies, but also old colored nail polish or eyeshadow. Just turn your old eyeshadow into powder, mix with clear nail polish and use it as paint for your plastic bottle vase project.
  2. Paint them in your favorite colors, add colorful ribbons, glue old book pages, leftover textiles and lace, twine, stickers or washi tape or make any design you like to match with the style of your room or home.
  3. Chalkboard paint is another great decoration tip, which gives you the opportunity to write funny or loving notes and cool designs which you can always change if you feel you need something new.

Bottle flower vase

How to use plastic vases in your home décor

There are many different ways of including plastic bottle vases to your living room, porch or bedroom.

1. How about a vertical garden with PET planters, for example? Grow your own herbs or just embellish a stale wall in your garden. You can even use different paint to quickly identify each useful plant or to add more color to the area. If not feeling too crafty, just wrap it in a nice wrapping paper or piece of textile and tie with a cute bow.

2. Plastic bottles are also great to turn into funny planters for flowers, herbs or succulents. Many other useful objects and decorations can be made out of PET, like flowers, jewel stands, pencil holders, storage containers, snack bowls, irrigators, scoops, bird or pet feeders, curtains, brooms or even jewelry. Recycling and reusing are very important, as this way we can reduce our waste quantity and also avoid the production of new off-the-rack items.

3. Themed parties can also benefit from recycling and reusing plastic bottles. Make flower vases or treat bowls or containers to match the theme. Kids will love preparing their own decorations for their parties and will be proud to display them and talk to their friends about how they made them. Who knows if they won’t build a craft party to go on reusing bottles and other containers to turn them into pretty stuff?

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4. Jars and glass bottles can also be turned into great vases and planters as well as plastic bottles. Make a set of beautiful vases in different shapes with a common design and group them together and decorate a wider area, or spread them around the house to connect various places. Don’t just stop at jars and bottles. Make beautiful plant holders out of old drinking glasses, tin cans, cups or mugs.

5. Take it to the next level and build furniture like ottomans, armchairs or even solar houses for your garden.

6. Plastic bottles are also very useful in developing countries for disinfecting water or, more recently, as a cheap and at-hand building material for new houses.

7. Bottle caps can also be turned into art pieces or to decorate old furniture.

Reusing plastic bottles and not turning them into waste is extremely important, as they have a significant carbon footprint, and the amount of water in the making process is three times the amount contained in the bottle.

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Recycled flower vase tutorial

Flower vase out of plastic bottle

Supplies Needed:

  • plastic bottles
  • primer
  • paint spray in color of choice (I used golden and black); choose one designed to work on plastic
  • craft scissors
  • tape

How to make flower vase with plastic bottle step by step:

  • Make sure the bottles are clean and dry
  • Cut the top of the bottle
  • Add tape around the rim so you avoid scratching yourself when filling the vase with flowers. Make sure you use strong tape.
  • Prep the bottles for painting by spreading some primer.
  • Spray paint the bottle and leave to dry. If you choose to make a pattern as I did, spray the main color first. Leave to completely dry as indicated on the spray and add tape above the area where you want to add the second color. Then spray the second color and leave to dry completely. I find it useful to remove the tape a few minutes after I added the second color otherwise the paint might chip when the tape is removed.
  • Enjoy your new DIY flower vase!

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Photo collage of plastic flower vase made with recycled water bottles

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Plastic flower vase

Make your own recycled vase using this super easy tutorial for a plastic flower vase from plastic bottle!
Prep Time10 minutes
Active Time10 minutes
Drying time2 hours
Total Time2 hours 20 minutes
Category: Craft
Region: International
Keyword: diy flower vase, flower vase out of plastic bottle, handmade flower vase, homemade vase, plastic bottle decoration, plastic flower vase
Yields: 3 vases
Author: Petro Neagu


  • plastic bottles
  • primer
  • paint spray in color of choice I used golden and black; choose one designed to work on plastic


  • Clean and dry bottles
  • Cut the top off. Add tape around the rim
  • Spread some primer on bottles.
  • Spray paint the bottle and leave to dry. If you choose to make a pattern as I did, spray the main color first, leave to completely dry as indicated on the spray, add tape above the area where you want to add the second color, then spray the second color and leave to dry completely. I find it useful to remove the tape a few minutes after I added the second color otherwise the paint might chip when the tape is removed.
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