Learn how to make a scarf top with this easy and quick method

Learn how to make a scarf top and sew yourself a flattering, comfortable top with this easy and quick batwing top tutorial! All it takes is a nice scarf and a couple of stitches. 

How to make a scarf top

Flattering, comfortable and quick to make batwing top on a hanger

Have you ever wondered how to make a scarf top? I’ve always admired those loose, comfy batwing sleeve tops I’ve seen all around in summer. But always thought they’re so complicated to make for some reason. So I was afraid to try and sew up one of these beauties. But one day I went out shopping for accessories and saw this pretty scarf. And I decided to experiment a little with a batwing top and learn how to make a top out of a scarf. This lovely top looks like a batwing blouse but made without a complicated pattern.

I like fun projects, even the challenging ones! And turning a scarf into a top was a pretty challenging project for me but not because of the stitching but the type of fabric. The scarf was way too lightweight and hard to handle for my skills and it posed a few issues, so instead of spending 20-30 minutes for sewing up this batwing top, I spent about an hour. Not bad though! As a side note please excuse the photos, I was running a cold and also just experimented with a new hair color which made me look like a scary alien. So please try and focus on the top instead of the person lol.

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Batwing sleeve

When making this scarf top pattern, I was pretty lucky though. I didn’t really need to make up a batwing top pattern. The scarf I found was already sewn into a tube and it had a nice seam on one end that I thought it would be great to use as the neck line. Instead of adding binding, I only had to remove some of the stitches to create the neck line. Then I’ve sewn up an edge stitch around the hole, following the original stitch. I also kept the original seam around the sleeves on my diy batwing top. I wanted to modify the scarf into a round shape at the bottom, making the sleeve looking more polished but then I realized it’s going to be so hard to sew the seam on this kind of fabric.

batwing blouse

If you don’t have a scarf, you can make this batwing sleeve top pattern from any lightweight fabric, woven or knit. The top is nicer when made out of sheer fabric if you’re more experienced, and it fits loose enough so you can wear a top tank underneath. You can always make your own binding or bias tape for the neckline using my simple bias tutorials. If you can’t find a tube scarf here are the measurements for my top which is roughly a size 10: my scarf measured 39″ in width by 43″ in height. If you want the top longer, add a few inches to the height.

Ready to learn how to make a scarf top? Here are my simple and easy instructions!


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  1. Debbie Hart says:

    I would like to just make the sleeves! I want to add them to a t-shirt I have. Do you have any idea as to how I can do that?

  2. Everything Enchanting says:

    Love this idea ❤️ I have so many beautiful scarves that I don’t wear anymore! I will definitely try out this DIY. Thanks for sharing, hun 🙂

  3. What a clever and brilliant idea! I will have to keep your tips and tricks in mind.


    I don’t have many scarves unless you count the big woolly winter ones. You did a great job it looks light and airy for summer.

  5. Scarlet Brooklyn says:

    I got a few scarfs that I barely use, glad to know I can just make it one of my tops.

  6. Richelle Escat says:

    It looks so nice! Thanks for the easy to follow guide.

  7. Chef Dennis says:

    That scarf top is absolutely fabulous! The details are wonderful and it’s easy to do.

  8. What a cute idea! And so easy. It is nice to have some easy options for making your own pieces.

  9. Terri Steffes says:

    I love this. I think I could actually make one! Your directions seem easy!

  10. Heather D says:

    How cute is this?! I have tons of scarves I never use anymore.

  11. I can’t wait to make this batwing sleeve top. It looks perfect for summer.

  12. What a cute idea! I have some scarves that I don’t use. I would totally wear this!

  13. Tara Pittman says:

    I have a couple of scarves that would be perfect.This is a cute top.

  14. Sarah Bailey says:

    What a great looking top, it seems like it would be cool and comfortable to wear.

  15. Amber Myers says:

    How pretty! I love how this turned out. You did an amazing job.

  16. Belle Plummer says:

    This would be lovely in tunic length or even full or calf length as a beach cover-up.

  17. Just what I need – I’ve just bought a 7.5m remnant of floaty cotton and am looking for ways to use it.

    1. Glad you liked my idea, Deborah! Enjoy your summer top! :)

  18. Hi Petro! I love this top. But I have a dilemma…. is the summer going to be hot? Or should I be sewing turtleneck jumpers? In northern Canada it has been one extreme to the other. Have a lovely filled with everything you love!

    1. That os a good question, Zuzanna! This is a strange year in terms of weather. What I do is always keep a sweater in my bag for moments when temperatures drop.

  19. Hi Petro, Great tutorial!

    If I can’t find a tube scarf, how much fabric would I need for this? Or perhaps the question is really what are the measurements of your scarf?


    1. Hi Tonya. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your interest in my tute. Sorry I didn’t provide my measurements in the post, I’ll add it right away. After cutting the bottom, my scarf measures now 39″ in width by 43″ in height (100cmx110cm), for the whole fabric, unfolded. Before cutting I think it had about 8″ more in height. These measurements fit me good at my 5’6″ but I think maybe a little longer top (1″ or 2″) would’ve fit me better.

  20. Pam @Threading My Way says:

    Looks super cool and comfy, Petro.