The Best GIFTS FOR SEWERS: The Most Helpful Sewing Gifts

With so many things a sewist can use or enjoy, why not try to help them out? Here are some fun and useful gifts for sewers that anyone passionate about sewing will definitely love! Whether you’re planning to buy sewing gifts as a Christmas present or as a birthday present, you’ll find plenty of inexpensive ideas here!

Gifts for sewers

gift ideas for sewing

Here comes again that wonderful time of the year when we start to look for the perfect gift for our family and friends. Basically, these sewing gifts can be divided into some major categories, like sewing supplies and tools or gift ideas for sewing that are not always something material (no, I’ve not gone mad! read along and you’ll see exactly what I mean).

Sewing tools are always welcome, as most of them tend to wear out or get lost. Below I’ll highlight some of the best gifts for sewers. You can use these ideas as sewing Christmas gifts but are great for any time of the year when you need to let your sewing loving friend know how much you care about them and their friendship.

If you are a sewist yourself, you can even treat yourself with one of these amazing gift ideas for sewers as well!


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Sewing tools

1. Good quality scissors and cutting tools

Every sewist knows the importance of a good pair of scissors. And we cannot stress enough the importance of using the fabric scissors for fabrics alone! Scissors are probably the most appreciated of all gifts for sewing lovers.

Here is a small selection of scissors that are not only cute but very functional and so useful to a sewing enthusiast:

  1. Laser guided scissors are an even better gift, as they also have a laser guide to help you make straight cuts.
  2. Electric Fabric Scissors Box Cutter – Excellent precision to easily cut through fabric, leather, carpet, metal, paper, corrugated cardboard, plastic, wrapping paper and more.
  3. Vintage European Style Scissors for Embroidery, Sewing, Craft
  4. Embroidery Scissors and Case
  5. Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears
  6. Sharp 10.5 Fabric Shears & Thread Cutting Snips
  7. Olfa Circle Rotary Cutter

2. Thread sets

Much like fabric, thread is never too much, especially for someone who sews a lot. Different projects require different colored thread, so this way you can be sure your friend will always have the right color on hand. For a sewist that does many things such as sewing, quilting, embroidery, etc, they will need many different kinds of threads also. Here are some of my favorite thread sets:

  1. Gutterman thread sets
  2. Connecting threads
  3. Aurifil thread sets

3. Sewing kits

If you want to go the extra mile for a really close friend or someone important in your life that sews, get a nice basket or box and fill it up with sewing supplies. You can’t miss this way, as every item will have its use and they will be more than excited with their gifts for sewers. This Singer Vintage Sewing Basket looks great and is filled with lots of notions and accessories that are useful to any sewist.

4. Embroidery kits

Every embroiderer will love the inspiration that comes from a new embroidery kit, so this is also something they will love.

5. Awls

Tailor’s awls such as Clover help make clean holes and don’t ruin the fabric. Having these at hand, we won’t have to look for a kitchen skewer or embroidery scissors to make holes in the fabric and risk ripping it.

6. New self-healing mats

Any sewist needs a sewing mat constantly. But they tend to wear out with lots if use and need to be replaced every once in a while.

7. New sets of needles and pins

Maybe these are the tools most prone to getting lost or damaged and you may find yourself wondering where did all those pins end up. On the other way, it’s always better to use a new needle when you start a new project, so that you are sure it’s sharp enough and won’t ruin your fabric. I absolutely love Schmetz needles as they are high quality, very durable and fit most sewing machines out there.

8. Measuring tools

Measuring tools all come in handy and help us make the most accurate things to measure. They also tend to wear out over time so sewers need their supplies renewed constantly. Here are some to consider:

  1. Seam gauges
  2. Measuring tapes
  3. Curved ruler sets
  4. Quilting rulers,

9. Irons

A good quality iron is essential for any sewist, as we constantly need to flatten out the seams or to straighten the fabric before tracing the pattern and cutting. Mini project irons and clover wedge irons are just as useful, as they are great for small projects or short seams that don’t really need a large iron. Here are a couple with awesome reviews from sewers all around the world:

  1. CLOVER Mini Iron
  2. Steamfast mini steam iron with dual voltage
  3. Cricut Heat Press Machine For T Shirts and Small HTV Vinyl Projects

10. Mini ironing board

These are great gifts for sewists, as they come in very handy near the sewing machine. They take up little space and are perfect for flattening out a seam, for kids’ clothes or small projects.

11. Fabric bundles

We all love new fabrics to work with, and every piece will be put to good use. Everyone that has been sewing for at least some weeks already has a fabric stash, and new fabrics will only mean new inspiration for fresh projects.

Etsy is a great place to find pretty, unique fabrics for your sewing friend! I absolutely love the fat quarter sets I find there and make a purchase every time I have a quilting project. Here’s a great list of online fabric shops if you’re into online shopping.

12. Sewing machine

If you have a generous budget or the receiver of the gift is someone super important for you, getting them a sewing machine or an embroidery machine will most likely make you a hero! A serger will be an amazing gift too!

This Brother sewing and quilting machine is not super expensive but is a good quality machine for both beginners and experienced sewists, with 60 built in stitches, a wide table and an LDC display, backed by a 25 year guarantee.

13. Less common sewing tools that are super useful

  1. Dimmable Sewing Machine LED Lighting Strip
  2. Lighted Seam Ripper with magnifier
  3. Magnetic Wrist Sewing Pincushion
  4. Sewing Bobbin Small Clips
  5. Sewing Tools Set with threader, tweezers, thimble
  6. Rolling Craft Storage Cart with 3-Drawers
  7. 6-in-1 Stick ‘n Stitch Guide for Perfect Stitching


sewing better, faster!!

In this special FREE series, you'll learn my most powerful SECRETS that will improve your sewing skills and help you sew like a pro! Join 38,210 sewing enthusiasts like you!


Other gift for sewers ideas

Now let’s see other great gifts for sewers that are not sewing tools and notions but are equally helpful and appreciated.

1. Sewing books

There’s a large array of sewing books these days but it’s a general consensus that everyone loves scrap projects and vintage ideas. Here are a few books on these topics:

  1. Scrap projects sewing book 
  2. One yard projects sewing book
  3. Vintage sewing projects from scraps book

2. Magazine subscriptions

These will help any sewist have inspiration all year round. Depending on what they love making, you can offer them a subscription at a quilting magazine, knitting, pattern magazines and many others.

3. Online classes

There is always something new to learn, like techniques, tips & tricks and so on, and we always like to learn new sewing-related things. Your sewist friend will love getting a new online course every once in a while, so that they can perfect their craft. Here are a couple of platforms I love:

  1. Creative bug sewing classes
  2. Sewing classes from Creative live

4. Project planners

Who didn’t start a whole bunch or projects just to leave them for others? With a planner, any crafter can plan ahead and get more projects done in the same amount of time it would take to remember which project is pending and which one is more urgent.

5. Quilting or sewing-related jewelry

Any cute piece of jewelry that looks like a quilted piece or like something related to sewing (spools, scissors, bobbins, etc) will match your friend’s passion perfectly, and they will love it. Maybe you can even make some from leftover supplies, like bobbin earrings, for example.

  1. Sewing machine necklace
  2. Sewing machine earrings

6. Home décor items

Every sewist loves decorating their little “shack” with sewing related items! Here are a couple that won’t cost an arm and would look great in any sewing room:

  1. Woman cave art print
  2. Sewing Wall Clock Made of Wood
  3. Sewing Machine Music Box

7. Any handmade gift

There is nothing a sewist will appreciate more than something done manually by yourself. These are the most personal gifts you can offer, as you are making them thinking of the person that will receive them. Any sewist knows the amount of work you put into it and appreciate it more than anyone else would and a lot more than any ready-made gift you can buy.

Some ideas are: handmade accessories like headbands, scarves, home decorations, pillow cases, and more. Use your imagination, there are so many ideas you ca easily and quickly put into practice! Also there are many sewing tutorials on my site that you can use to make your handmade gifts.

If you enjoyed these gifts for people that sew, you might like this SEWING GIFT GUIDE too! Or this CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE for everyone!

I’m curious about the greatest gifts for sewers you received as a sewist, or the most original ones you made. Share them with me in the comments!

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    I don’t sew very often. My grandmother gave me a sewing machine and I’ve used it a few times. At one point I wanted the cutting mat and fabric cutter that you roll alongside your patter (have no clue what it is called). But they was 14 years ago probably.

  2. Richelle Milar says:

    Wow! These are all really great gift ideas! This is really perfect for Christmas!

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  5. What a great selection of gift ideas for sewers. I like embroidery and would love to get an embroidery kit as a gift.

  6. I am someone who sews on impulse and some of these tools would be amazing and could make me be more purposeful in sewing instead of impulsive lol I love making blankets out of old clothing!

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    I’ve never bought anything for someone with this sort of theme. I can see how these suggestions would go down very well.

  13. These are all great items. I’d be happy to get a new set of needles and any handmade gifts.

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    I love the sewing classes idea. I think it is making a comeback and I’d like to remind myself of what I learned 30+ years ago.

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