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Shopping for fabric can be intimidating, especially for novices. Fortunately, online fabric stores have made it simpler and more enjoyable! With the luxury of having your fabrics delivered to you straight from the comfort of your home, purchasing materials through online fabric stores is a great way to acquire what you need. Learn about what lies ahead when shopping on the web! Here are some fabulous places where you can buy fabric online!

Online fabric stores

Fabrics from online fabric shops

When I began sewing years ago, one of my greatest anxieties was running out of fabric at a local store. To prepare for this potentially disastrous situation, I started researching for online fabric stores in case the worst occurred.

Soon after the nightmare, I only managed to sustain thanks to my mother’s precious fabric collection. Nevertheless, since such a situation wouldn’t last for long, I continued searching where to buy fabrics online and eventually stumbled upon numerous websites where cheap fabric was available alongside rare materials and notions, organic fabrics as well as draperies and upholstery fabrics.

Although I really love going through brick and mortar fabric stores and literally feel the fabric with my fingers, I admit that fabric online shopping proved to be a lot less stressful and time saving for me. I don’t shop online a lot because of the reason I just mentioned but when I do, I visit this list of fabric websites below. If you ever wondered where to buy fabric online at reasonable prices and in large variety of patterns and colors, you can use these wonderful sites to buy fabric online. Keep an eye out for clearance, discounts and offers these stores send out pretty often.

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Want to make the best decision on how you purchase fabric for your sewing projects? Let’s look at both the advantages and disadvantages of buying fabric online so that you can choose between traditional shopping or this more modern option.

Stack of fabric purchased through fabric online shopping

The pros of buying fabric online:

  • Going through tons of fabrics in an online fabric store is just a click away so the search process is so much faster. Plus easier and less stressful.
  • You are being able to view the fabrics without any other distraction, like people bumping into you or kids demanding your attention or the fabric lady asking you to move (read pushing you aside) so she can show the fabric to another customer. All these usually add up to the stress, making you tired and cranky! Oh wait! is that just me?? lol
  • The fabrics are available 24/7 meaning you can browse through them any time a day or night whenever you find some free time even if that is in the middle of the night.
  • Shipping! You don’t have to carry all that huge amount of fabric when you go home because 1: you’re already home and 2: they’ll ship it to you, usually pretty fast and many times for FREE!
  • Most important aspect: most times, the prices online are way cheaper than in stores. And if they aren’t that much cheaper, the online fabric stores run discounts and offers pretty often.

The cons of fabric online shopping:

  • You are not able to touch the fabric and feel the texture or thickness. This is particularly an issue with knits where you really need to feel the fabric and see the stretch.
  • You can’t take immediate benefits of buying that lovely fabric that made you fall madly in love almost instantly. You need to wait until they ship it to you!
  • Sometimes the online stores don’t offer any information on the fabric so you’re kind of left in the dark, guesstimating.

If none of the cons scared you and decided to give the online shops a try here’s where to buy fabric online. These are what I consider best online fabric stores! Some of these are my favorite places to buy fabric, some are my friends’ favorites and some we discovered recently and will give a try in the next few months. But before getting into the online shops list, I need to mention a great resource: Etsy. This is my most favorite place to find unique fabrics, notions and tools! I love it so much that I can’t possibly include it in any list. I made most of my quilting cottons and pretty lace trim purchases on Etsy in the recent months and I can’t seem to be able to stop!


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Where to buy fabric online

Stack of fabrics from online shops

My most favorite online fabric stores

  • Amazon If you’re not already, when hunting for the best fabrics for your lovely sewing projects, you might want to take a quick look at the fabrics on Amazon. Super large selection of fabrics of all types, great discounts on a daily basis and fast shipping. Amazon is always my go to source when I need something for my sewing projects from fabrics to notions and tool and very rarely I am unable to find exactly what I need.
  • The Fat Quarter Shop offers fabric for every look and style! My friend is absolutely in love with the pre-cut Fat Quarter Bundles and I am smitten with all of their floral prints, the epitome of elegance! But the Fat Quarter Shop is mouch more than just a fabric shop, you can find a variety of products like exclusive kits, quilt clubs, BOMs, and more.
  • Cricut might be famous for the super duper cutting machines but they also hold a great selection of fabrics to go along with those fancy machines. You can easily create a totally fabulous project with their pretty fabrics!
  • Minted is a platform of independent artists that create quite unique fabric prints. Many of these resemble canvas painting so if you are an art lover these prints are right up your alley.  I absolutely love the animal print fabrics and the floral ones which look super stylish and quite remarkable! So if you’re looking for unique fabric, this is the place to go!

My friends’ selection

  • JoAnn Fabric has every fabric you need for all of your quilting, upholstering, apparel, crafts and decorating projects.
  • Moodfabrics.com is famous for appearances on TV’s Project Runway. People are raving about the great selection of mood fabrics and the awesome customer service!
  • Spoonflower is the place to go for custom printed fabrics. Here you can design, print and sell your own custom made fabric so this is great if you want your projects to be one of a kind!
  • Fabric.com also has a great selection of home apparel and quilt fabrics that you can shop by the yard or by the bolt.
  • Buyfabrics.com is one of the leading on line discount fabric outlets and is the place to go for drapery fabric, with a huge selection of discount home decor fabrics. If you need lots of yardage they’ll sell it to you at wholesale prices.
  • Decorator’s best sells upholstery fabric and curtain fabric in every kind of pattern imaginable to help you create statement-making pieces in your home decor!
  • Fabric Depot  is a family owned business and holds an amazing selection of fabric, notions and crafts! Lots of products on sale and free shipping on orders over $65.
  • Premium sewing outlet Whether you’re shopping for sewing, quilting, craft or embroidery supplies, you’ll find what you’re looking for at competitive prices!
  • Loralie Designs  If you’re looking for truly unique, fun and out of ordinary fabric prints, this is definitely the place to go!

Sites we discovered recently

  • NY Designer Fabrics  Here you can shop for a huge variety of high-end, top-quality fabrics at reasonable prices. You’ll find a nice selection of sequin fabric, silk, cotton, embroidery, linen and home decor fabric and get free shipping on orders over $200.
  • Fabric Warehouse specializes in fabric, supplies and hardware for projects in your home, car, RV and boat.
  • Fashion Fabrics Club offers fabric by the bolt at cheap wholesale prices by roll and in bulk, lots of coupons to help you save on your purchase and free shipping. They actually have an entire section dedicated to discount fabric where the highest price goes up to $5 a yard.
  • Online Fabric Store is the place to go for high quality fabrics and everyday low prices on over 40k products, from decor fabric to apparel fabric, craft fabric as well as supplies.
  • Quilt home The site may not be looking fancy but this is a great place to shop, with low shipping, a great selection of products and gorgeous fabrics.
  • Fabric worm So many pretty fabrics, you will have a hard time stopping yourself from buying the whole shop! Perfect fabric selection for the modern sewer but also for the vintage lover too! High quality and vibrant, adorable colors!
  • Adornit has some really, really cute fabrics you’ll absolutely love! This a a complex site with lots of other products not only sewing related but also crafts and DIY. This is a great place for someone who loves crafting just as much as sewing.
  • Annie’s. We’re really into their spring collection of fabrics right now. Lovely colors and patterns!

How can I save money on fabric?

To save money on fabric you can buy remnants, look for sales and discounts, compare prices between different stores and always search for cheap fabric online.

Also, if you are willing to wait a bit longer for your fabric order, some stores offer free shipping or coupons that can help reduce the cost of fabrics.

Buying in bulk is also a great way to save money on fabric. By purchasing larger quantities of the same type of fabric, you can get a discount from most online stores.

Finally, consider buying sturdy yet inexpensive fabric such as cotton or muslin that can be used for multiple projects.

Outlet fabric stores

A great way to save money on fabric is to look for outlet fabric stores. These stores usually offer a wide selection of discounted fabrics, including designer fabrics that you can use for your projects. Some popular outlets include:

Can you only buy fabric by the yard?

No, you don’t have to buy fabric by the yard. Many online stores and local fabric shops offer pre-cut fabrics that come in various shapes and sizes, so you can get exactly what you need without having to buy a whole yard of fabric.

You can also buy fabric by the meter, fat quarter, trims, bolts or even in bulk. It all depends on what you are looking for and what type of home project or garment you are working on.

What is the best online fabric store?

There is no one-stop-shop, really! This depends on your own personal preferences, the price range, your skill level and the type of fabric you are looking for. However, some very popular stores among sewers include Fabric.com, Mood Fabrics, Spandex World, HartsFabric.com, Hawthorne Supply Co., Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores and many more.

Is it cheaper to buy fabric online or in a store?

This depends on the type of fabric you are looking for and the place where you buy it. Generally speaking if you search for discounts, sale items or cheap fabric online, then chances are that you may find a better deal than in local stores. However, the quality of fabrics is not always taken into consideration when shopping this way. You may be able to find a good deal but the fabric may not be as durable as you would like. On the other hand, buying from local stores often means that you can inspect and feel the quality of fabrics before purchasing them.

So, it all comes down to personal preference: do you want to save money but risk getting lower quality fabric or pay a bit more but be sure that you get the best fabric for your projects.

What is the least expensive fabric?

In my opinion the least expensive fabric is muslin or canvas. You can find it for very cheap online and use it for various projects such as clothing, quilting, home decor and more. It’s also quite comfortable to work with and usually comes in a wide range of colors, so you can easily find what you need!

No matter where you’re shopping for your textile needs, it’s important to make sure you’re getting quality fabric and supplies. Do your research – read customer reviews and compare prices before making a purchase. With so many online fabric stores out there, you can find the perfect fabric for your project quickly and easily! Happy shopping!

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    1. Yes, we live in Arkansas and make several trips a year to MDG. Have bought roll of batting and divided with my quilting friend.

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  3. I loved sewing back in the day and going to fabric stores was one of my many pleasures. Sometime over the years, all of that stopped. This post has me yearning to do a project on my machine. What to make? I’ll be checking out online fabric places.

  4. Thanks for this. Ive been looking for online shops to buy some good fabrics. I wanted to start a new hobby this year which is sewing

  5. How nice. I wish I could do something with fabric but I cannot sew. I do admire fabrics when I see them and I pay people on Etsy to make stuff ;)

  6. Some great suggestions. Another one you might want to check out is Hawthorne Supply Company – especially if you like prints and whimsical patterns for kids. Great selection.