Natural flea repellent DIY powder for home

Take advantage of this simple recipe for natural flea repellent that’ll keep your home free of those pesky pests! With just a few household ingredients, you can create a powerful powder that will help protect your home from fleas.

Homemade flea killer

If you’ve been searching for a reliable, natural approach to keep fleas away from your home, I’ve got the perfect solution: an easy to make natural flea repellent! These pesky insects can be an extreme nuisance, particularly if you have pets. But don’t worry – there’s no need to rely on harsh chemicals or pesticides anymore!

Ozzy, our adorable Labrador, is an energetic pup who loves exploring the surroundings. On one of his escapades, he encountered a large herd of flea-ridden sheep! To everyone’s horror, the pesky parasites had embedded themselves into poor Ozzy’s fur when he returned home. My immediate reaction was to rush out and grab some industrial solution from the nearest pet store – until I took a moment to consider a more natural approach instead of relying on harsh chemicals.

Before taking measures for deep cleaning my house and applying my natural flea repellent, I used this natural flea repellent on mister Ozzy. I mixed some lemon juice, lemon essential oil and coconut oil in a spray bottle and applied the solution on his fur. I had a feeling this home remedy will work better and faster than his flea shampoo and the flea comb.

The I used my magical homemade flea repellent for home! Fleas love carpets and since doggy boy spent a pretty nice amount of time on the carpets around the house, rolling and scratching, there were fleas everywhere. Luckily we don’t have so many carpets. So the cleaning wasn’t such a burden and my natural flea repellent proved to be a super powerful weapon. Take a look and see what’s in it!

flea repellent

How to make a natural flea repellent

What’s in this natural flea repellent for home?

I used Borax, Baking soda, Salt and lemon essential oils from Young Living.

Here’s the purpose of these ingredients:

  • Borax and baking soda will kill the adult fleas.
  • The salt will dry up the flea eggs and the flea larvae.
  • The essential oils will make your house smell absolutely divine! Plus if you use lemon or lavender scents, these are natural flea repellents. So any possible unwanted visitors that you may have missed will stay away from your house.

The best DIY flea treatment for home!

Instructions for DIY flea repellent

  1. Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. Add essential oils and mix well until no clumps are left.
  3. Take the jar and pierce a few holes through the plastic lid.
  4. Pour the homemade flea repellent into the jar, tightly screw the lid on and start sprinkling the mixture on carpets.
  5. Leave on for 24 hrs then thoroughly vacuum clean.
  6. Clean the vacuum cleaner right afterwards to make sure fleas are completely removed from the house.

Note: I advise you to remove your pets before applying this flea repellent powder and keep them away from the areas you applied it until you’ve finished the process and you cleaned up the residue thoroughly.

Homemade flea repellent for your home

Frequently asked questions you might find useful

How often should you use this flea repellent?

You can use it as often as you need to. If the problem persists, I would recommend using it weekly until the fleas are gone.

Where do you apply this flea repellent?

The powder can be applied anywhere in the house: on carpets, upholstered furniture, mattresses, etc. I would avoid using it on hardwood floors as the essential oils could damage the finish.

What are the side effects of this natural flea repellent?

There are no known side effects when using this homemade powder. However, I would recommend keeping an eye on small children and pets to make sure they don’t touch or ingest the powder. Better yet, remove them from the area until it’s cleaned thoroughly of any residue.

What kills fleas instantly?

If you’re in search of a safe and effective flea repellent to keep your home free from these pesky pests, I totally recommend using this home flea killer if you’re dealing with flea infestation in your house! It will not put your family at risk. But I recommend keeping an eye on small kids so they won’t touch or ingest this powder and the carpets after spreading the repellent. And this flea repellent for house will have great, immediate results (well…within 24 hours).

I sprinkled this flea repellent for home on all carpets and left it to do its magic for 24 hours. I even sprinkled it on our mattress (of course we weren’t using it that night). After 24 hours, I vacuumed, threw the vacuum sack away and cleaned the furniture. Then I simply sprayed some of the dog natural flea repellent around the house without touching the furniture though. We got rid of all the fleas because we caught it on time and took immediate action. But if you are not as lucky, you may need to repeat the flea treatment at regular intervals.

Homemade flea killer

What natural smell do fleas hate?

Essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, Tea tree, and citronella remain the most effective natural flea repellent. You can either spray these essential oils or rub them on your pet’s collar to keep the fleas away. In addition to this, you can also spread brewer’s yeast and garlic powder around the house to fight off fleas. Other things such as citrus, neem oil, vinegar, rosemary and cedarwood also help in keeping the fleas away from your home.

Is it safe to live in a house with fleas?

No, it’s not safe to live in a house with fleas. Fleas thrive on blood and will bite you and your family members. Flea bites cause itching, skin irritation and allergies. Flea allergy dermatitis is the most common skin problem in pets and humans caused by flea bites. They can also spread various diseases. Therefore, it is important that you take steps to eliminate them from your home as soon as possible by using a natural flea repellent or calling a professional exterminator.

Flea bites on my daughter’s leg

What can I put in my house to prevent fleas?

To prevent the fleas from coming back, make sure to keep your house clean and vacuum regularly. You should also wash all pet bedding in hot water once a week.

Check for fleas on your dog or cat as often as possible and treat them with natural flea repellents if you find any. Consider using a flea collar on your pet for extra protection.

Additionally, you can also sprinkle cedar chips or lavender flowers around the house to keep fleas away. Or, you can make your own natural flea repellent spray using essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, or rosemary. Spray this on the carpets and furniture to prevent fleas from entering your home.

Plants that keep the fleas away include Rosemary, Lavender, and Mint. Plant these herbs in your garden or keep them indoors near windows or around the house to naturally repel fleas from your house.

Finally, you should also regularly mow your lawn and remove any debris that can serve as a breeding ground for fleas. Doing so will help keep the flea population at bay and prevent them from entering your home.

In conclusion, it’s important to take the necessary steps to keep your house flea-free. With a little bit of effort and natural remedies, you can avoid a costly infestation. And if all else fails, don’t hesitate to call a professional exterminator for help!

Natural flea repellent for home

What are some other natural flea remedies?

I recently found out that a little bit of brewer’s yeast in your dog’s food is pretty effective at keeping the fleas away. Some people swear by crushed fennel seeds spread around the house or rubbed into dog’s fur. Wormwood planted around the house seem to work great at keeping the fleas away.

Also if you want to make this flea spray efficient for ticks too, add some tick repellent essential oils such as eucalyptus oils, peppermint, rosemary, lavender or geranium.

Diatomaceous earth soaps and shampoos are great natural home remedies to keep fleas away as well.

If all else fails you can always give your vet a call and ask for their advice!

How to store this flea repellent powder?

I suggest storing it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. When you are ready to use it, transfer some to a container with a pierced lid such as the one in the images in this article. I made it from a used Nutella bottle, it was very easy to drill some holes in the plastic lid.

What is the shelf life of this repellent?

This flea powder will keep its efficacy for at least a year. Check the ingredients used for the expiration date.

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This flea repellent is very efficient and will help you get rid of fleas in your house quickly. It’s also very easy to make and use, and it’s completely safe for your family.

If you’re looking for safer flea remedies for your house, this powder is your best bet! So before heading out for a prescription for flea medications, give this remedy a try first! I hope this natural flea killer for house will work for you as great as it has been for us. If you decide to use this powder mix, please let me know your feedback in the comments below.

Photo collage of homemade flea repellent for home in a jar with pierced lid

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Homemade flea repellent for your home
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Homemade flea repellent for home

Looking for a natural way to keep fleas away from your home? There’s no need to use harsh chemicals or pesticides to get rid of them – this easy recipe for a homemade flea repellent for home will do the trick.
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time5 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Category: DIY
Region: International
Keyword: flea repellent, flea repellent for home, homemade flea repellent
Yields: 1 jar
Author: Petro Neagu


  • 4 tablespoons borax
  • 6 tablespoons very fine salt
  • 6 tablespoons baking soda
  • 30 drops lemon essential oil or lavender, peppermint, tea tree, orange etc This is just to scent the powder.



  • Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl.
  • Add essential oils and whisk well until no clumps are left.
  • Take the jar and pierce a few holes through the plastic lid.
  • Pour the homemade flea repellent into the jar, tightly screw the lid on and start sprinkling the mixture on carpets.
  • Leave on for 24 hrs then thoroughly vacuum clean.
  • Clean the vacuum cleaner and throw the vacuum bag right afterwards to ensure sure fleas are completely removed from the house.
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  1. Can I substitute diatomaceous earth for the borax portion of the recipe?

    1. Petro Neagu says:

      Hi, Jan. You can use diatomaceous earth instead of borax but keep in mind it’s not as strong as borax, you might need to apply it more often for the best results.

  2. I’m very excited about your homemade remedy for fleas. Will the Borax hurt my pet? Thanks for sharing your experiences and giving me your feedback.

    1. Hi, Sandy. Yes, borax is harmful to pets. When using this remedy make sure no pets have contact with it and clean the carpets thoroughly after using the remedy. I remove all of my pets from the house for the entire time it takes to apply the powder and clean the carpets.

  3. Hi , could I please have the recipe for the natural flea powder and spray , I have looked and can’t find it
    Thank You

  4. What are the exact amounts of salt, borax and baking soda that you used?

    1. It’s right in the article, Rose!

  5. Not only am I suspicious of flea and tick medications, but they’re pricey too! Excited to find a healthy alternative!

    1. Glad you liked the idea, Hope! And thanks for commenting and rating this tutorial!

  6. I really hate fleas and this will add to my knowledge. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Adreana. Thanks for stopping by! So happy I could help!

  7. I love EO’s, we put a few drops of citrus essential oils in our trash can’s and animals will stay out of them. Have sinus trouble in the winter so I boil some water and put a few drops of EO’s in the water and I can breath.

  8. Hello and Happy New Year to you. Borax is a poison to pets period. This is why the small amount used in commercial concoctions is to be applied to an area our pets cannot lick. Very back of neck where it joins the skull. No matter how obsessively we clean up the borax there will always be some residue left in the carpet or furniture material that will get on their paws and skin which they will then lick. This information is from vets and holistic pet healers for those who use Western meds and those who use Alternative meds. Borax is a toxin no getting around it. We pet lovers do not want to accidentally make our pets very ill.

    thank you for your time,

    1. Happy New Year! If you would read the post, you’ll notice this is not used on pets or any other animals. It’s a flea repellent for HOME.

  9. Cheri Partridge says:

    You need to use Diatamacious earth it is food grade it is natural and the dogs or Kitty’s can lick it and its good for them . Farmers have been using this for years they put it in the food. It looks like flour. You can sprinkle it everywhere and you don’t have to worry about kids getting it in there mouths because its food grade it works great. Borax is VERY Harmful to your animals.

    1. Thanks, Cheri! My animals don’t lick the furniture, the carpets and the bed where I normally spread the mixture. I also have a 6 years old kid who’s the most reliable person I know, in spite of the small age. I found this is the easiest, most affordable and convenient solution and worked wonders in a matter of hours.

    2. Yes! I used this once and have not seen fleas in my living room since. It was a huge pain to get deep into the carpet fibers though. I used a broom and patted it in. I’d recommend a mask when using it too because it’s such a fine powder. It left the house pretty dusty even though I tried to be careful. Do you have any ideas on how else to apply it to carpets that isn’t such a pain? Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Sheila. I have no tip to make the process easier, I’ve done some intense vacuuming to remove the powder from my carpets. Getting rid of all those nasty fleas was totally worth the effort!


    1. They’re just for the smell

  11. What are the measurements of each item for the flea powder?

    1. Hi Kari. All measurements are specified in the recipe. Scroll through the whole article and click to page 2 where all the details are.

  12. Tami Williams says:

    I’ve read where borox is leathal to our dogs and cats. afraid to use this.

    1. You won’t use it on your dog or cat, Tami. It’s for your home and then you’re supposed to vacuum clean and wipe down everything so you won’t have any traces left if you’re worried about your indoor pets. I had my dog and two cats in the house at that time and nothing happened to them. One of the cats now has 2 kittens :)

      1. Sonia Thomas says:

        So I will not have to lock my inside pets in another room for 24 hours? This would be awesome if that is the case. I really wanted to try it but was worried about my fur kids.

      2. No need to lock up your babies, Sonia.

      3. The article does mention putting the borax mixture on their dog.

  13. I’m not seeing the ratio to use for the borax, baking soda, salt, and lemon oil?

    1. You need to click to continue reading, it’s on the second page. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. All sounds good I’ll try the flea and spider repellent thank you

    1. Hi Debby. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope the repellents will be as effective for you as they are for us.

  15. Jess Benoit says:

    Thank you for sharing this!! We have been battling them pesky fleas no matter what we do. I will definitely try this out…thank you!

    1. david morence says:

      How much of each do you mix?

      1. It’s all right in the article, David. You must have missed scrolling through and clicking to the second page.