Recycled DIY Snack Box With Zipper

Turn your soda bottles into cute and useful snack containers with this easy peasy DIY snack box tutorial! Perfect to hold snacks or treats for kids, small veggies and even elastic bands or small office supplies!

Snack Storage Containers

Snack storage containers with zipper

Why spend money on snack boxes or bags when you can easily make some yourself, using simple items like plastic bottles, zippers and glue? This DIY snack box is such a great project to recycle old soda boxes instead of throwing them in the carbage and also a nice way to spend quality time wiht the kiddos. They’ll be so happy to make their own snack organizer!

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Snack organizer from plastic bottle and zipper

But this easy peasy DY snack box is so much more than just a snack pack! You can always turn this DIY zippered snack box into an organizer for your small craft or sewing supplies or as an elastic band organizer (those get really messy and tend to get lost a lot aren’t they?)

DIY zippered snack box

And why not go a little crazier and use this DIY snack box as a cool way to keep your small veggies organized in the fridge? This way they’ll stay fresh for longer and you’ll have easier access to them! The possibilities are basically endless for this plastic bottle snack pack idea! I totally got the bug I absolutely loved making this recycled snack box and planning on making loads of these babies! So convenient, affordable and fun!

I decided to leave my DIY snack box plain but you could totally play around with colors and shapes to make your plastic bottle snack holder to match your style and needs!

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DIY Snack Box

plastic bottle snack pack


  • Two identical sized plastic bottles (12 oz soda or 16 oz water)
  • Zipper about 7 inches long
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors or exacto knife


  • Step 1. Measure a couple of inches up from the bottom of the bottles to find where the circumference is about 6 ¼ – 6 ¾ inches. Cut both bottles at this point. TIP: You can make one larger and one smaller or make both the same size.

Step 1 to make DIY snack box

  • Step 2. Wrap the zipper around the opening of one of the bottles to ensure that it covers the entire area and actually overlaps a bit (at least ¼ inch).

Step 2 to make a zippered snack container

  • Step 3. Use the glue gun to adhere one side of the zipper to the inside of one of the containers. Start with the top end of the zipper and overlap the bottom end of the zipper. (see photo)

Step 3 to make a zipper snack box

  • Step 4. Use the glue gun to adhere the inside of the other bottle bottom to the other side of the zipper.

  • Step 5. Go around the edges and make sure that the zipper is adhered well to the bottle parts and that the parts around the ends of the zipper are especially sturdy.

Step 5 of making a DIY treat box

  • Step 6. Fill with snacks!

Step 6 of making a plastic bottle snack box

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DIY snack box made with recycled plastic bottles

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