DIY Autumn leaves garland

Spruce up your house for the fall season with this DIY Fall Garland! Easy and simple to make, this lovely leaves garland is also super affordable and looks amazing as wall decor! A great addition to a Thanksgiving table setting too. 

DIY Fall Garland

Leaves garland made with real leaves in various fall colors and ribbon

This leaves garland project is ridiculously easy and quick I can barely call it a tutorial! I bet you’ve already figured out how to make your own fall garland by yourself just by looking at the photos. Once you’ve got your supplies together, making this super simple autumn garland should take you less than 10 minutes. You could then display this pretty fall leaf garland across a fireplace, or along an empty, white wall as I did.

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fall garland

For your leaves garland you can use real leaves from your backyard or a park or you can purchase artificial ones and then paint them in the colors you like. But I think this autumn leaf garland looks better with natural leaves, these give your garland a more authentic look.

And if you love rustic home decor, you’ll enjoy working with natural leaves, they add a touch of warmth to any house. If you’re feeling adventurous you can always spray some glitter on the leaves before adding them to your leaves garland, instead of going “au naturelle” as I did!

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Leaves garland

autumn garland


  • Leaves in various fall colors.
  • Ribbon.
  • Strong adhesive tape or glue (I used tape as the leaves will eventually dry and crumble and I didn’t want to stain the ribbon as it would go to waste once the leaves are gone; I wanted to reuse it cause I’m cheap like that!).
  • Clear acrylic paint spray.
  • Scissors.



  • Pick only the healthy looking leaves and place them under a book overnight. Don’t pick fully dried leaves, they’ll crumble. You need leaves with some moisture in.
  • Spray all leaves on the front (the “right side”) with acrylic paint. This will help them last a little longer. Once dry, spray on the back. Leave to dry.
  • Lay your ribbon on a flat surface and distribute the leaves evenly, face down, mixing the shapes and colors.
  • Apply small strips of tape (make sure you get a strong tape) to the stems. Press on the tape to make sure both the ribbon and the stems are attached.

DIY Fall garland

  • Your easy peasy autumn leaves garland is ready! Hang on a wall, above a Thanksgiving table or across a fireplace.

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Leaves garland

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