Amazing Mother’s Day Printable Pack to Make a Cute DIY Gift

With this wonderful pack for pretty Mother’s Day printables, kids can create an adorable gift for mom in a matter of minutes!

Mother’s day printables

Printable Mother's day card

Mother’s Day is a day for your kids to show mom (or granny) how much she means to them. And that makes it the perfect time for your kids to get creative and make a pretty DIY gift for mom! But just because your kids are making a gift doesn’t mean the project needs to be difficult or time consuming. These lovely Mother’s day printables make the work countless times easier!

Other printables you will love:

Printable Mother’s Day Card

Mother's day card

The first element your kids will need to make to create a memorable gift for Mother’s Day is a cute card. With the help of this Celebrating Mom printable, your little ones can outline all they ways they love their mom.

The fill-in-the-blank worksheet on this little printable gives your kids a chance to describe the different ways they love their mom, by providing them with simple writing prompts, like:

1. She gives the best…

2. She cooks…

3. She showers me with…

4. She makes me…

5. She makes me feel better by…

6. She always helps me with…

7. She teaches me to…

8. She always tells me…

9. She always ____ before I sleep

10. She never…

Simply print out the card on white paper and let your kids fill in the blanks. Older kids can write the answers on their own. To create this printable card with younger children, simply use the prompts to encourage statements from your kids, then write down their answers on the line.

After your kids are finished answering the questions, they can attach their favorite photo of them and their mom together on the next printable from this pack. Or draw a small picture of mom to attach to the side of the mom printable.

Mother’s Day book

In this lovely mom book kids get to write a message to mom, a few things about mom, things they love about mom. There’s also a place for gallery where they can stick their most favorite photos with mom. On the last page, kids can draw or paint mommy art ideas.

Mother’s Day Seed Packet Gift

Once your kids have a keepsake card created, it’s time to get started on the gift! Head to the store to purchase a few seed packets to give to mom. You could purchase flower seeds or vegetable seeds for her to plant in her garden.

After you have the seed packets ready, print out the packet covers on white paper. Cut out each cover around the outer border. Then, help your kids wrap the covers around each seed packet. Follow these simple instructions for wrapping the seed packets:

  • Fold the seed packet cover along the gray line down the center of the printable.
  • Place the seed packet in the center of the fold.
  • Fold the top and bottom flaps over the top of the seed packet, then fold the side flap over the top of the seed packet.
  • Place a small line of glue along each of the flaps, then press the top of the wrapper onto the flaps. Hold the seams in place until the glue dries.
  • Write the name of the seed on the front of the wrapper.

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Mother’s Day Gardening Gift

After you’ve finished your printable card and decorated seed packets, you’ll have a fun and unique gift to give mom. But why stop at these mothers day printouts? You can turn these pretty seed packets into a useful gardening gift that your mother is sure to love! Try adding these elements with the seed packets to create a pretty gardening gift basket to give mom this year:

For herself

  • Gardening tools. Add some handy tools, like a hand trowel, pruning shears, fork, rake, and hoe, to your gardening basket so she’s sure to have everything she needs to plant her new seeds.
  • Gardening gloves. Protect her hands from dirt and blisters as she’s working in the garden with a pair of pretty gardening gloves.
  • Potting soil. She’ll need some soil to plant the seeds you give her, so adding a small bag of potting soil to your Mother’s Day gift is a great idea.
  • Boots. Make sure mom’s feet stay clean and dry while she’s gardening with the help of some water-proof gardening boots.
  • Apron. A gardening apron is a great way for mom to keep all her gardening tools on hand and keep her clothes from getting dirty while she’s planting her seeds.

For the garden

  • Water hose and spicket. Help mom keep her garden watered as the plants grow by placing a water hose and sprayer in her Mother’s Day gardening gift.
  • Watering can. Another great way to keep the garden watered is with a watering can. You can place the elements of the gift inside the can for a decorative touch.
  • Pots. Give mom a place to plant all her seeds by adding some pots to her gardening gift basket.
  • Garden markers. With the help of garden markers, mom will know exactly what seeds she has planted in her garden and where the seeds were placed.
  • Basket. Package your Mother’s Day gift in a big basket. The basket is perfect for holding all the gardening elements together. And mom can use it to carry in the fruits of her garden when harvest season arrives.
Get your pack for Mother’s day printables here and have fun with the little ones!

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Mother's day printables

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