Grab this Incredibly fun and entertaining pretend play restaurant for kids!

Dramatic play is a great way for your kids to act out real-world situations at home. But creating new play areas every time your child wants to play something new can be expensive and time consuming. With the help of this printable set for a pretend play restaurant, you can easily set up a pretend restaurant in your home for your child in a matter of minutes.

How to Set up a Pretend play Restaurant

Pretend restaurant

Setting up a kids pretend restaurant in your home is an easy way to encourage your child to use their imagination as they play. And the best part is that you don’t need much to create your own pretend play restaurant at home.

Try using these elements to set up a restaurant in your home:

  • Play food. Using play food is a fun way to encourage your child to pretend without making a mess. Use play food toys or simply encourage your child to pretend different toys are different types of food.
  • Plastic plates and cups. Whether you have play dishes or just use your child’s plastic plates and cups, dishes are a must when playing restaurant.
  • Decorations. You can’t have a restaurant without decorations! Grab some printable decorations to dress up your child’s pretend restaurant.

You can create a restaurant in any room of your home. But to make it more authentic, try setting up the play area in your dining room. Family members can act as customers in your kid’s restaurant by coming into the room and sitting at the table.

More printables for kids:

Young children may need a little more guidance as the play restaurant. The good news is that they’ve likely experienced going to a real restaurant before, which can help guide them as they play. As you’re playing restaurant wit your kids, help them work through the different steps involved in going to a restaurant:

  • Showing the customers to their seat
  • Taking the order and repeating it back
  • Preparing the food that the customer orders
  • Bringing the food to the customer
  • Adding up the total cost of the meal
  • Taking the customer’s money and giving them their change
  • Cleaning up the dishes after the customer leaves

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What are the Benefits of this kids restaurant play set?

Pretend play isn’t just fun, it’s also beneficial to your child’s development. That’s why it’s important to encourage games like restaurant with your kids! There are a ton of amazing benefits to pretend play, including:

  • Learning about themselves and the world around them. As your child pretends, they’ll learn about things that interest them and things that don’t. And enacting different real-world scenarios, like going to a restaurant, will help your child understand how to act in different situations as they grow older.
  • Working out confusing and new situations in a safe place. Going to a restaurant could be an overwhelming experience for a child. All the new people and loud noises may even cause some anxiety. Taking the time to act out the situation in a safe place, like your home, will give them a chance to learn about how a restaurant works before they make the leap into a real-world situation.
  • Practicing new skills. Pretend play is a great way for your child to practice real-world skills at home. From taking orders to counting money, there are a variety of great skills your child can practice as they play restaurant. Taking orders and repeating the orders back is a practical memory game for your kid. And counting money is a simple way to practice addition and subtraction.

Pretend and play restaurant set

With the help of these restaurant printables, you can easily set up and take down your child’s restaurant in minutes. Your printable pretend play restaurant pack includes a variety of fun printable elements your kids can use to create their very own restaurant at home. Download the printable to get:


Turn any room of your home into a pretend restaurant with the help of printable banners. You can choose from banners with utensils, money, or the phrase, “See Eat Stay.” Or use the blank banners for your kids to decorate their own signs for their restaurant.

Wall art:

Your kids can also dress up their restaurant with the help of printable wall art. The set comes with four different wall art options. Print out the art on paper and hang it on the wall. Or place them in picture frames to add more decoration to your kid’s restaurant. The printable pack comes with:

  • Julia Childs quote sign
  • Let’s Eat sign
  • Just Eat It sign
  • Hot dog wall art

Play money:

Make sure all your child’s customers can pay with the help of printable play money. The pack comes with six different bills: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100.


With the help of a printable menu, all the customers at your kid’s restaurant can see what food they have available. The menu features options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and dessert. Along with a few selections under each meal, the menu also includes prices for each food.

Grab the free pretend play restaurant set here and have fun with your kiddos!

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