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You need to sew this stunning and easy bunny hair clip now

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This adorable bunny hair clip is fun, quick to make and great addition to a festive outfit! Hop on over and see how to make your own Easter hair bows in just a few easy steps!

Bunny bow

Bunny hair bows

You, guys! These cute hair clips are to die for! Insanely cute, my heart skips a beat every time I look at my bunny hair clip! And don’t even get me started on how fast these bunny hair bows are! And have I mentioned how perfect these are for your stash of scrap fabrics?

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Bunny bow

I’ve been into accessories lately, mainly because spring is almost here and Ellie and I need to refresh our wardrobe a bit. And what better way to do it on a budget than going through your fabric scrap stash and whip up some adorable accessories? These bunny ears hair clips have been on the list for quite a while and thankfully, I finally found some free time to make them!

Bunny ears hair clip

Initially I only planned on making these for Ellie, as Easter hair bows but I instantly became so smitten with Ellie’s bunny hair clip I couldn’t stop at just one. So now we have a couple for each of us! Not really matchy-matchy since I made them in four different fabrics but except for that aspect, they’re pretty much similar in every ways!

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Cute hair clips

Making one bunny hair clip took less than 10 minutes so this gorgeous bunny bow is a perfect idea for a last minute gift. Great Easter accessory but I would totally wear these any time of the year too, they’re just so irresistible, don’t you think? And call me crazy but I would even go a step forward and wear my bunny hair clip as brooch or a cute accessory for my bag. These cute hair clips put you in such a great mood!

The template for the bunny hair clip (ear and tie) are available to purchase here!


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Bunny Hair Clip

Easter hair bows



Prepare the fabric pieces

  • Take the strip of fabric scrap for the ears, press it well and fold in on half, lengthwise, right sides together.

  • Place the template over and trace around it

  • Pin through both fabrics

  • Cut out with your scissors.

Make the bow

  • Sew with 1/4″ allowance, leaving a small gap in one of the sides to turn the ear right side out.
  • Clip the tips and trim the seam in half.

  • Turn fabrics right side out through the gap.
  • Push the corners out with a blunt tool (or you can use this method).
  • Smooth out the seams then iron press.

  • Fill the ear with poly-fill through the gap.

  • Cut a piece of wire double in size than the ear.
  • Fold it in half and twist.
  • Bend the ends with pliers to form a coil.

  • Insert the wire inside the ear.

  • Hand stitch the gap closed using a ladder stitch. Don’t worry if your stitch is not perfect, it will be hidden once the hair clip is attached to the bunny ear.

Make the tie

  • Take the second template and place it on the tie fabric, trace around it then cut out.

  • Fold the ends of the tie in lengthwise, slightly overlapping them then press well with your iron.
  • Fold one of the ends in about 1/4″ and press well.

Assemble the bunny clip

  • Take the raw end of the tie and sew it to where the gap used to be, the fold in the tie facing the gap.
  • Wrap the tie around the ear tightly, two times, until the folded end reaches the raw edge.

  • Hand stitch the folded end to the ear, without going through all the layers, just through the first and the second layer of the tie.
  • Insert the hair clip under the tie or glue it to the ear.

  • Fold the ear by pressing onto the wire inside.

  • And you’re done! Your stunning bunny hair clip is ready for wearing!

I hope you liked this tutorial and you found these bunny bows as cute as I have! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and please don’t forget to rate this tutorial! Thanks!

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Bunny hair clip sewing pattern and tutorial


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  1. Love these. I’m thinking about making just under a million of them. Could you provide a source for the clips? I really like these.