Insanely easy and cute Valentine’s Day fabric bookmarks

Looking for fabric bookmark ideas? Sewing bookmarks has never been more enjoyable with these fabric bookmarks! Make your own cute bookmarks for personal use or make a cute heart bookmark as a Valentine’s Day gift for a “bookworm”!

Fabric Bookmarks

Heart bookmark

Hey guys! Today I have another cute project for you! I’m so smitten with these adorable fabric bookmarks, I had a hard time parting ways with them so I made a couple for myself too. I planned to make a couple of these cute bookmarks for Ellie and offer them to her as a gift in these super cute Valentine envelopes.

Sewing bookmarks

But these fabric bookmarks are so easy and quick to make, I thought about making a lot more of these DIY corner bookmarks for friends and family too. I know a few of them are passionate about reading, some even go through the same books over and over again. So I’m pretty sure those precious book pages could use an adorable heart bookmark to keep their corners protected and neat and their owners on track.

Need more cute ideas?

DIY bookmark ideas

Ellie reads children’s books and those are usually printed on thicker, glossy paper which is supposed to stand the test of time and repeated use. But Ellie tends to fold the corners when she takes breaks from reading so a cute fabric bookmark would stimulate her to stop torturing those poor book pages!

I used a different fabric pattern and color for each side of these fabric bookmarks but you can use the same fabric if you like. I also decided to make my heart bookmarks a little larger because I was afraid I’m gonna have troubles turning the fabrics out. If you’re feeling confident, feel free to make your DIY corner bookmarks as small as you like. Also if you want yours sturdier and more durable, use some interfacing on one fabric strip for each side of the bookmarks.

DIY bookmark ideas

These wonderful DIY bookmark ideas are the perfect gift for a person who loves reading and they’re insanely affordable, made out of small scarps of fabric. My fabric bookmarks only need minutes to be ready for use, about 5 minutes for each so you’ll be able to whip up a ton of these cute bookmarks in no time! Here’s how to make a fabric bookmark!


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Valentine Bookmarks

Valentine bookmarks


  • heart template – optional (it’s very simple to make your own; or follow my instructions below)
  • fabric scraps in different patterns and colors.
  • fabric pen
  • scissors
  • pins
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine
  • pressing iron


Prepare the fabrics

  • If you made your heart template, place two strips of fabrics right sides together and the template on top. Trace around the template and cut the fabrics.
  • In case you decided to go my way (aka the lazy way lol), cut two rectangles in your fabric and place them right sides together. (I cut four in one go to save time)

Create the hearts

  • Fold the rectangles diagonally and pin

  • Grab a small round object and place it against the top raw edge and round it up.

  • Open the rectangles and round up the opposite corner.

Sew the hearts

  • Pin the hearts together in the middle and sew the rounded top and on one side, leaving a small opening or the entire second side open. Sew with 1/4″ allowance.

  • Cut notches out in the rounds.

  • Trim the allowance a little.

Turn the hearts right side out

  • Turn the fabric right side out.
  • Press the open side in and press.
  • Edge stitch all around the heart.

  • Repeat the process for another double sided heart. If you like to add more interest to your heart bookmark, use a different fabric as I did.

Finish the bookmark

  • Place hearts one on top of the other.

diy corner bookmarks

how to sew a bookmark

  • Sew the sides only, sewing right on top of the previous seam

make your own bookmark

  • And you’re done! Now that you are all warmed up, go make tons of fabric bookmark for all your books and your beloved friends and family!

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Fabric bookmarks sewing pattern

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  1. I really love the idea. But either I don’t know how to download or it just isn’t working for me. I am new to this. Maybe you can send me some help?? Heart Bookmark

    1. Hi Sally. This project doesn’t have a pattern to download.

  2. I love this, I’m going to cut them on my Cricut Maker then sew them. If they come out easy I might make them for my son’s class next year. (This year they’re getting tic tac toe bags)

    1. Hi Lara! You’ll love how easy and cute these are! Cutting them on Cricut makes it even easier, you’ll end up making tons of these!

  3. Linda Shelby says:

    I didn’t see the dimensions for the rectangles?
    Am I missing something or are they not stated?

    1. Hi Linda. They are not stated, you make them in the desired size. I made mine pretty large, about 4″ x 4″ because I wasn’t confident I could turn the hearts out easily.