Cinnamon sticks ornaments for the Christmas tree

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Crafting these adorable cinnamon stick ornaments is a breeze during the holiday season, adding a delightful touch to your Christmas décor collection. Transform your entire home with these simple yet charming cinnamon stick Christmas tree ornaments that effortlessly complement any festive decorations.

Image of Cinnamon stick Christmas tree ornaments with ribbon

This year consider making some cinnamon stick ornaments for a distinctive and impressive Christmas tree! Simple to craft and enjoyable, they emit a delightful scent that infuses your home with the cozy essence of the holiday season.

Cinnamon stick ornaments are a delightful, quick and easy Christmas craft. In this tutorial I’ll show you how easy it is to make these great Christmas crafts! Even if you’re not a skilled crafter, you can make these easy cinnamon stick ornaments at home.

Making your own holiday ornaments is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your Christmas décor. But finding easy craft projects to make at home can be difficult – especially when you’re trying to deck out an entire tree. If you’re looking for a simple farmhouse style project to add to your rustic décor this year, you’re going to love these cinnamon stick Christmas tree ornaments! You can put together one of these cute decorations in a matter of minutes and with just four craft supplies.

Keep the Christmas spirit going this year with simple Christmas ornament crafts from cinnamon sticks. These cinnamon stick ornaments can be made by kids to give as gifts during the holidays. This project gives a fun twist to a tradition of hanging stockings from a fireplace and will make your house smell amazing with that beautiful smell of cinnamon.

How to make Cinnamon stick ornaments

Materials for Cinnamon stick trees

One of my favorite things about this easy Christmas craft is that you can make it with just a few craft supplies. To make your own Christmas trees out of cinnamon sticks, you’ll need:

  1. Ribbon. The key to transforming a plain cinnamon stick into a rustic farmhouse style ornament is ribbon. I used black and white buffalo plaid ribbon, but any color or pattern will work for this craft. You can even use different colors and patterns for a more eclectic look.
  2. Cinnamon sticks. In addition to creating the trunk for your Christmas tree, cinnamon sticks also add a delicious smell to your tree while you’re displaying your ornaments.
  3. Hot glue gun. To ensure your ornament lasts from year to year, it’s a good idea to have a hot glue gun on hand as you’re putting your craft together. The glue will help hold the pieces of your ornament in place so it doesn’t fall apart as it’s hanging on the tree.
  4. Twine. When you’re finished putting your ornament together, you need a way to hang it on the tree. Add to the rustic look of your ornament by using twine to hang the finished ornament on your Christmas tree.

Substitutes you can use

Try using jute twine, lace, or even thin strips of burlap to wrap around the cinnamon sticks instead. You can also add small decorations like miniature bells or beads

Close up image of a Cinnamon stick Christmas ornament

Instructions to make cinnamon stick Christmas tree ornaments

Making this rustic ornament for your Christmas tree couldn’t be easier and faster, total time for making one of these should be no more than 5 minutes. You can make dozens of these cute ornaments in no time! In fact, there’s only three steps to putting this craft together:

  1. Tie the ribbon on the cinnamon sticks. Wrap several pieces of ribbon around the cinnamon sticks and tie it in a knot in the center.
  2. Trim the ends of the ribbon. After the stick is fully covered, trim the ends of the ribbon at an angle to form a triangle shape on each side.
  3. Attach a loop on top. Create a loop with a piece of twine and attach it to the top of the cinnamon stick so you can hang your ornament on your Christmas tree.

Tip: If you wish you can decorate your ornaments even further with some buttons, a small bow at the top, wooden beads or a red pom pom.

How to use these cinnamon stick tree ornaments

These little homemade Christmas ornaments will make your Christmas tree or even a Christmas wreath extra fun, next to other decorations such as pine cones, silver bells and fake cranberries.

If you don’t want your cinnamon ornaments to hang in the tree you can always use them as table decorations. Or keep them in a bowl or a mason jar with some cinnamon star ornaments for a strong flavor of cinnamon all around the house.

Or hang them on a hanger and decorate your closet which will not only be as festive as it gets but will benefit from the nice cinnamon fragrance.

Frequently asked questions

Can I put cinnamon sticks on my Christmas tree?

Cinnamon sticks are a classic Christmas tree decoration. They’re a wonderful way to add a natural look to your holiday décor and add a lovely scent to the room at the same time. Cinnamon sticks can be hung on the tree as ornaments or decorated to add ever more farmhouse style to your holiday decorations. You can even thread the cinnamon sticks on a piece of string and create a garland for your tree.

Where do you find cinnamon sticks?

Cinnamon sticks are perfect for crafting. You can create fun craft projects with them or add them to your favorite potpourri or simmer pots. But if you’ve never used full-sized cinnamon sticks before, you may be wondering where to purchase them.

Whole cinnamon sticks can often be found in the spice aisle of your favorite grocery store or superstore. You can also purchase a large container of sticks on Amazon to use for crafting. You can also substitute with wooden dowels cut into smaller pieces.

Do cinnamon sticks need to be sealed?

Crafting with natural elements comes with different sets of challenges. While it’s a good idea to seal some natural decorative items, like pinecones, cinnamon sticks do not need to be sealed before you start crafting.

In fact, it’s not a good idea to add sealant to your cinnamon sticks because it could cause them to lose their scent. Instead, make sure to store your cinnamon stick ornaments properly when they’re not in use help them last from year to year.

Angle image of cinnamon stick tree ornaments

Do cinnamon sticks ever go bad?

Fresh spices last a long time, which means your cinnamon sticks will last for a while before they start to lose their scent. When your cinnamon sticks aren’t in use, it’s a good idea to store them in an airtight container. When the sticks come in contact with the air, they begin to lose their potency and may become brittle.

Displaying your cinnamon sticks on the tree during the holiday season is fine. But when you’re putting away your homemade ornaments, I suggest storing them in an airtight container or zip-top bag. After placing the ornaments in their storage bag, remove as much air as possible from the container and seal it. Place the ornaments in a spot where they won’t be crushed or damaged to be able to use your cinnamon stick trees year after year.

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Making homemade cinnamon stick ornaments is a fun and easy way to add a touch of rustic charm to your Christmas tree. These ornaments are sure to bring a cozy, cinnamon scent to your holiday decorating and can even be used as unique gifts for friends and family. So go ahead and enjoy making these cute ornaments for yourself or give them away as gifts to spread the festive spirit!

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Easy DIY cinnamon stick ornaments for the Christmas tree

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Image of Cinnamon stick Christmas tree ornaments with ribbon
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Cinnamon stick ornaments

These cute cinnamon stick ornaments are easy to make for the holiday season, and are a nice addition to any Christmas decoration collection.
Prep Time2 minutes
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Total Time5 minutes
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  • For one tree, cut eight pieces of ribbon around 6 inches in length. Lay 4 pieces of ribbon on a flat surface, lined up evenly one on top of the other. Place a line of glue along the center of the ribbons and press a cinnamon stick in the center.
  • Tie each ribbon around the cinnamon stick.
  • Add another piece of ribbon between each ribbon already attached to the stick. Place a drop of glue on the center of the ribbon, then press it into the open space. Tie it to the cinnamon stick to secure it.
  • Lay the ornament flat on the table and flatten out all the ribbons.
  • Cut the ribbons at an angle to create a slant on each side of the ornament, starting with the biggest piece on bottom and smallest piece on top.
  • Cut a piece of twine long enough to make a loop to hang the ornament on the tree. Attach the ends of the twine to the back of the ornament.
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  1. How long are the cinnamon sticks? I really would like to make some of these. They are so cute.

  2. Cute craft, but why do you only glue half the ribbons before tying? What is the purpose? I wouldn’t think you’d need to glue any of them.

    1. To prevent them from sliding, Cory. You can skip the step but it helps to keep the ribbons put.