How to clean your stove without scrubbing

Cleaning your stove top is so easy and quick when you know how to do it! Wanna get it to shine the safe way? Here’s how to clean a stove naturally without scratching your stove top or scrubbing the life out of you!

Best Way To Clean A Stove Top

How to clean stove top

Until I discovered how to clean a stove the natural way without scratching and damaging my beloved stove, I’ve literally loathed cleaning my stove top! Mainly because I never got time to do it right after I cooked a meal. The grease kept building up until there wasn’t much left to do to get rid of it.

Unless I used store bought cleaners which I also hated deeply because they were stinging my eyes and hands and left red, painful spots on my skin. I can’t wear gloves all the time, they make cleaning a lot harder for me so any oven top cleaner was literally eating my skin! Not a pretty view but at least the stove was spotless, I should be happy, right?

Well, wrong! I wanted more, I wanted something to help me clean easier, I wanted a natural stove cleaner, much healthier for myself, my family and safer to the environment! And since I cleaned my pans so successfully with this method, using my citrus vinegar cleaner and baking soda, I figured this cleaning idea would be fine to use in my method for how to clean a stove.

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But I was afraid the mixture won’t be strong enough for my super dirty stove so I added fine table salt and left the mixture overnight to work its magic. It did a really good job at melting the grease and the burnt spots, except for a little spot which I had to clean again using the same method. My stove was very greasy and had severe burnt spots so it took some extra work but for a regular stove, it shouldn’t be that hard. It was literally best stove top cleaner I’ve ever had to use!

best way to clean a stove top

A little note: it did take longer to work than the store bought cleaners. But I’m more than happy with the results and especially that I managed to keep my house and lungs free of chemicals and fumes. The citrus vinegar cleaner I used is highly concentrated and when in contact with baking soda, it bubbles up and lifts the grease off the stove. Salt acts as a mild abrasive and will remove stains while melting the grease.

If you don’t have a citrus vinegar cleaner it’s perfectly fine to use regular white wine vinegar and just add a few drops of essential oils of your choice to make it smell nice and cover the pungent vinegar scent (though I found that for this method on how to clean a stove, the citrus cleaner works best, in my opinion).

So if you ever wondered how to clean a stove the natural, safe way, now you know! I’m pretty sure that once you tried this method you’ll never go back to the traditional way, using harsh cleaners.

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How to clean a stove

how to clean your stove



  • Clean the stove with dish washing liquid, water and a sponge to remove the bulk of burnt food and other food debris.
  • Sprinkle a mixture of equal parts baking soda and salt over the stove top. Cover the area evenly.

how to clean stove top without scratching

  • Spray citrus vinegar cleaner (or just vinegar) and wait for the mixture to bubble up for a few minutes.

how to clean stove naturally

  • Lightly rub the mixture over the stove top so you get a paste like texture, making sure the stove is entirely covered in this paste. Be careful not to spill inside the burners. If that happens, remove baking soda immediately, using cotton swabs.
  • Leave on for as long as you need to (min. 30 min for less greasy stoves and overnight for very dirty stoves)
  • When ready to clean, mist some more citrus vinegar and lightly rub the paste with the abrasive part of the sponge, then remove the paste with the sponge and wipe with a damp cleaning cloth.
  • If you need to, repeat the process for extra dirty spots.
  • If you find your spots are super hard to clean, repeat the process and/or use an old toothbrush to rub the burnt spots.
  • Wipe down a few times to get the stove really clean and remove all the paste.
  • And that’s how to clean a stove the natural, easy peasy way, without scratching it! And this method does wonders to your oven too!

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How to clean a stove

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