Lined Skirt: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think!

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Making a lined skirt is insanely easy! With this simple tutorial for a half circle skirt with zipper and lining, you won’t need a pattern to make a knee length skirt that fits you perfectly!

Lined Skirt

Half circle skirt with zipper and lining in floral print

I’m a big fan of skirts and dresses, especially in warm weather! Call me old fashion but I think every girl should have at least a couple of each in their closet. And I’m in total love with all those adorable, twirly circle skirts! They look and make a girl feel so feminine! And if you already used my tutorial to make a full circle skirt you know they’re also super easy! This tutorial for a lined skirt is even easier!

This tutorial has been converted to a PDF file, available to purchase HERE. This article is completely free to read.

I find making your own half skirt crazy easy and a fun project even for beginners! Except for the zipper! When it comes to inserting a zipper, especially if you decide to add lining as I did, it gets slightly tricky to make this half circle skirt but I’ll hold your hand and it will all be a breeze, I promise! It’s not rocket science, so don’t let this minor aspect stand in your way, I’ll show you how to line a skirt with a zipper in just a few simple steps.

Half circle skirt with zipper

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Lining ads so much more structure and volume to any skirt, making it look more professional and also helps the skirt look better on you. It’s particularly useful on skirts that are made in sheer fabrics. Once you get the hang of it, you will want to add lining to all your skirts and dresses, trust me!

If you’re sold and decided to give this lined skirt a try, If you haven’t done it already, go ahead and read this post first and see how easy it is to insert a zipper into a lined skirt with my super simple method; then you’re ready to move on to the next step which is this pretty half circle skirt.

Lined skirt

With this half circle skirt tutorial you’ll be able to make your own gorgeous lined skirt with zipper in no time, based on your own measurements and body shape so you know the skirt will fit you perfectly! I love the idea of a half circle skirt instead of a full circle one for adults! This skirt is not quite as full, making it a little more casual, easier and faster to make and sew and a great item to wear when going out with your kids at the park or when running errands (in other words your underwear is safe, no peaking there with every little breeze! lol). Plus it takes less fabric and looks just as adorable as a full circle one!


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