6 pocket tote bag sewing tutorial

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Do you love bags and have to have one for pretty much everything? This 6 pocket tote bag is fun to make, super functional with plenty of pockets and in the perfect size, not too large, not too small! 

6 Pocket tote bag

Multi pocket tote bag

Hey, guys! I’m back with a super fun and cute project who can easily be tacked by sewists of all levels: an adorable 6 pocket tote bag! I’m so smitten with this multi pocket tote bag! I love the fabrics, the size, the functionality and best of all, it’s ready in about couple of hours, from start to finish!

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Tote bag with pockets

I made this six pocket bag pattern for my daughter, Ellie to carry all her drawing supplies when we’re on the go. But this tote is not a child size, it’s more of a medium tote bag for adults. This simple but cute 6 pocket tote bag is perfect to carry just about anything you like, from sewing or knitting supplies, to books or just use it as an everyday tote bag.


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Tote bag with pockets

Six pocket bag pattern


  • approx. 1 1/2 yards cotton fabric for the bag and the straps
  • about 1/2 yard cotton fabric for lining
  • approx. 1 yard cotton fabric for the pockets
  • batting 2 x 16″ by 14 1/2″
  • optional – interfacing for the pockets (if your fabric is not thick enough)
  • scissors
  • tape measure or yardstick
  • fabric pen
  • pins
  • quilting clips
  • seam gauge
  • pressing iron
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine


Cut the fabric

  • Cut the bag pieces as follows:
  1. for the straps: 2 strips of 4″ by 50″
  2. the bag fabrics: 2 strips of 17″ by 15 1/2″
  3. for the lining: 2 strips of 17″ by 15 1/2″
  4. for the pockets: 4 strips of 13″ by 15 1/2″
  5. batting: 2 strips of 17″ by 15 1/2″

Make the straps

  • Fold each strap in half, lengthwise, with right side out and press with iron on steam.
  • Open the straps and fold each edge towards the center and press.
  • Fold back and press.
  • Topstitch each edge with 1/8″ allowance.

Make the bag pieces

  • Place one bag piece wrong side up and top with batting
  • Pin and free motion quilt these two pieces together.
  • Place the bag pieces right side out and top with the lining piece wrong side up.
  • Pin the top and sew with 1/4″ allowance.
  • Repeat for the second set of bag fabrics.

Make the pockets

  • Place 2 of the pocket pieces right sides together.
  • Pin the top and sew with 1/4″ allowance.
  • Fold one of the pieces up then fold under.
  • Top stitch with 1/8″ allowance.
  • Repeat for the second set of pocket fabrics.

Sew the bag pieces together

  • Place one of the bag panels right side up, with the lining at the top of the bag.
  • Place one pocket over the bag panel, bottoms matching.
  • Measure 5″ away from both sides and place one of the straps over.
  • Pin and sew the strap to the bag by topstitching the edges with 1/8″ allowance, stopping 1″ above the pocket.
  • Repeat for the second bag panel, second pocket and second strap.
  • Place one panel right side up and top with the second panel wrong side up. Clip all sides and sew with 1/2″ allowance, leaving a gap in the lining to turn the bag right side out.
  • Box all four corners (2 in the bag and 2 in the lining).
  • Turn the bag right side out through the bag then topstitch the gap or hand stitch with a ladder stitch.
  • Push the lining inside the bag and top stitch the top of the bag with 1/8″ allowance. Run a second decorative stitch, 1/8″ below the first one.
  • Press the bag and you’re done!

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6 Pocket tote bag

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