Adorable PUMPKIN PINCUSHION trio you’ll fall in love with

Make yourself a cute storage space for your pins and needles with this quick tutorial for a pumpkin pincushion! In addition to being super practical and easy to sew, this trio pumpkin stack would also make a great home décor for fall.

Pumpkin pincushion

Handmade trio pumpkin pincushion with fabric and yarn

You, guys! I’m in total love with this super cute pumpkin pincushion! I wanted to make this trio pumpkin pincushion pattern so I can have a large pincushion available for my pins. I have tons of pins and I like to keep them handy, all in one place!

But I totally see all kinds of other uses for these adorable pincushion ideas like adorable home décor in fall or you could use them as door stops when filled with rice. This pumpkin pincushion would look adorable on a table top or mantel for the fall season and could also make a great gift. Fill them with lavender or scented fillings and they’ll make a great room or closet deodorizer!

I love this pincushion so much, I’m practically addicted to it! I keep it close by at all times and it’s filled with all kinds of pins (small, large, thin and thick). Although I own a gazillion pincushions (most of them I made myself), this one is by far my most favorite because it’s so practical, it can hold a ton of pins and is as cute as a button!

So if you’re a big fan of cool pincushion ideas this pincushion tutorial is perfect for you!

What is the function of pincushion?

If you’ve been sewing for a while, chances are you’ve gone through a few pincushions already so you know how useful and necessary these little sewing accessories are. But if you’re brand new to sewing or planning on learning to sew, the term might be totally new to you.

A pincushion is a small cushion, made out of fabric and filled with a variety of fillings and is used in to store pins or needles, so you can them easily collect them, put them back in the middle or after a sewing project and keep them organized. You will insert the pins or needles into the pincushion with the sharp end in.

Pincushions are super useful and easy to make, you’ll want to have a few around your sewing room!

Need more beginner sewing ideas?

pincushion ideas

I had so much fun making this pumpkin pincushion, so much that I want to make about a dozen of these cuties and spread them around my house! My pumpkin patch would be so happy too (check out my other pumpkin tutorials here). Just imagine these sitting in the middle of your table at Thanksgiving! Ah-mazing! Everyone will be in awe!

What is the best thing to fill a pincushion with?

While poly-fill is the most popular filling used for pincushions there are also other alternatives if you don’t have poly-fill on hand such as:

  • Quilting batting (second most popular option)
  • Cushion filling from old cushions you have at home and no longer in use.
  • Fabric scraps – just cut those scraps into even tinier scraps before filling the pincushion.
  • Rice – this is a good alternative if you want a heavier, more stable pincushion. I do find it harder to use though as the pins are no going through as easier as with poly-fill or other similar fillings. Plus the sharp ends might bend if caught in one of the rice grains.
  • Ground walnut shells
  • Craft beads made from plastic or silicone

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Can needles be sharpened using a pin cushion?

Yes, you can easily sharpen your pins and needles while storing if your choice of filling for the pincushion is steel wool! This type of filling keeps the pins sharp and in good condition every time you insert one into the pincushion, so it will extend the life of your pins and needles.

Cute pincushion

Cute and easy, these pincushion ideas are quick to sew and a great beginners project! Also a good scrap buster! They look fabulous individually too but I think they’re pretty breathtaking when stacked up in a little tower. And since it’s a trio, you’ll have plenty of space for all those pins laying around your sewing table. So sweet!

Here’s how to make a pincushion in a cute pumpkin shape!


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Pumpkin pin cushion tutorial

Pumpkin pincushion tutorial


How do you make a pumpkin pin cushion?

  • Make 3 cardboard circle templates using your compass. My circles had diameters of 4″, 6″ and 8″
  • Fold each of your fabrics in half, right sides together and trace around each circle then cut out.


  • Sew around each circle, leaving a small opening for turning right side out and stuffing.


  • Trim fabric excess with your pinking shears, making sure you don’t cut through the seam and turn circle right side out. Press.


  • Stuff each pumpkin with fiberfill until you have a round-ish ball.
  • Close the opening using a ladder stitch.
  • With a large needle threaded with yarn, insert needle in the center of the ball from top to bottom.


sewing better, faster!!

In this special FREE series, you'll learn my most powerful SECRETS that will improve your sewing skills and help you sew like a pro! Join 38,210 sewing enthusiasts like you!


  • Take thread around the outside and insert in the same spot again. Pull tight to make a dent.
  • Continue making the same stitch until you have divided the ball in four equal parts, then divide each quarter once or twice more (depends on how many sections you want your pumpkins to have and how big your pumpkin is. For my small one I divided only once, for the large one I divided twice more).


  • Secure the last stitch with a knot.
  • Attach all pumpkins together with the needle inserted through the center of each pumpkin.


  • Attach the stick to the top using your hot glue gun.
  • Embellish with fabric flowers using your hot glue gun again.

Pumpkin pincushion tutorial


  • And your pumpkin pincushion is done! So cute, right?

If you liked this tutorial please let me know in the comments section below!

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Photo collage of pumpkin pincushion made from three stacks of handmade fabric pumpkins

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  1. I love these!!!! I need more pumpkin decorations!

  2. These are so cute! I love that they are a very cute decoration and functional too.

  3. Monica Simpson says:

    This is adorable! I don’t even sew but I would love this just for a little piece of fall decor.

  4. One can never have too many pin cushions. This is super cute!

  5. Amber Myers says:

    I love how this turned out. It’s so cute. I need to make one!

  6. Thank you for the lovely tutorial. I made it today! Wish I could include the pic.

  7. What a lovely idea and so vintage looking. I’d love to make some, but can you tell me what size needle you used to sew them all together? Was it a special needle?
    I love your instructions they are always so clear.

  8. Nannette Fontenot-Lotz says:

    I just discovered this great pin cushion pattern! I plan on making several for myself and gifts for Christmas!!

    1. That is an awesome idea, Nanette! Have fun sewing these cuties, I’m sure everyone will appreciate the gifts!

  9. Love the tip putting stainless scrubber inside pincushion to sharpen pins & needles. I have a pincushion I had bought decades ago. The material on top was so used and worn that it shredded. In replacing I discovered inside was stuffed with odd and end pieces of #10 cotton crochet thread! I always wondered how it could be so old and not have cotton fuzz coming out of it. Just another alternative stuffing. Needless to say, I just rewound the thread back into a ball and plan on using it another 30 years, Good Lord willing. Thanks so much for sharing your art with us!

    1. Hi Gayla! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to leave such a nice comment!

  10. This is the cutest! I can’t wait to make one. Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Lee Hernandez says:

    I did make a pincushion last year as a gift. In my search for fillers, I found a good-sized quantity of clean, crushed walnut shells at the pet store! It turns out that there is a product made to be cat litter that is 100 percent walnut shells. I now have heavy bag of it for whenever I want a clean, weighted stuffing. Also, if you want to make a tiny addition of another pin cushion that is just for keeping needles sharp, there is a product available on Amazon that is called emery sand. It is what is traditionally used in high end pincushions just for that purpose. I can’t wait to make pincushion tower of pumpkins! What a cute idea!

    1. Oh, wow! I did not know any of these! Thanks so much for sharing, Lee & happy sewing! Feel free to email me picks of your project if you want them shared on my FB page!

  12. I cannot find the actual tutorial and pattern. Can you help me?

  13. That is adorable! I love the fabrics too. Thanks so much for sharing at #HomeMattersParty.

  14. This is very beautiful, Petro!

    1. Thanks so much, Mayra! xoxo