25 Sewing projects to keep your sewing room tidy, organized & clutter-free

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Sewing is an enjoyable and creative hobby that allows you to express your style and make unique items for yourself, your family, or friends. However, it can quickly become overwhelming if you do not have an organized sewing room. In this article, we will discuss some simple sewing room ideas that you can sew, to help you make your sewing room a functional and inspiring space while keeping it tidy, clutter free and organized.

Keep your sewing room clutter-free with 25 colorful sewing room ideas to sew!

Whether you have a designated sewing room or just a small corner in your home, these sewing room ideas to sew will help you keep everything tidy and easily accessible. If you’re an avid sewing enthusiast, then you know how easily clutter can accumulate in your sewing room. From fabric scraps to thread spools and everything in between, it’s easy for things to become disorganized and messy.

But fear not, fellow sewists! There are plenty of sewing projects out there that can help you keep your sewing room tidy, clutter-free and organized. These projects not only serve a practical purpose, but they also add a touch of creativity to your space.

Here are some ideas for sewing projects that will make your sewing room a more functional and enjoyable space.

25 Sewing room ideas to sew

1. Sewing supplies organizer

Sewing tools organizer

A simple quilted fabric organizer that can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf to hold all your basic sewing supplies in one handy place. You can customize it with pockets and compartments for different items such as scissors, rulers, and thread.

2. Wall hanging organizer

If you’re short on space, a fabric wall hanging organizer is the perfect solution for storing and displaying your sewing tools and supplies. You can create pockets of different sizes to fit all your items and hang it on the wall next to your work area for easy access. I made this organizer for my daughter’s school supplies so this is very versatile, you can use it for any kind of storage.

3. Quilted mug shaped fabric container

Quilted storage mugs

Keep your most used sewing notions organized in this cute mug-shaped fabric container. It’s a fun and unique way to store your sewing items while also adding a touch of whimsy to your sewing room.

4. Sewing needle pincushion

Sewing needle storage

Just like bags, one can never have enough pincushions, right? And sewing machine needles could certainly use one too! This sewing needle pincushion is not only functional, but it also adds a pop of cuteness to your workspace. You can make them in different sizes and shapes to fit your needs.

5. Round pencil holder

Pencil case sewing pattern

This simple round pencil holder is perfect for storing pens, pencils, and fabric markers. You can make it in different sizes to accommodate different types of writing tools that you might need for your sewing projects and drawings.

6. Notebook pencil holder

Elastic pen holder

If you prefer to keep your writing tools in a notebook, then this notebook pencil holder with elastic is a must-have for your sewing room. It’s great for keeping all your pencils, markers and even small rulers organized and within reach and it’s easy to customize to fit your needs.

7. Ingenious bobbin storage solution

Thread and bobbin storage

Not a sewing project per se but if you have a lot of bobbins that need to be stored and organized, these ingenious bobbin storage ideas are perfect for you. Now your bobbins are all in one place, and you can easily find the color you need.

8. Ironing board cover

Sewing an ironing board cover

Not only will a new ironing board cover refresh your sewing space, but it can also help you keep your ironing board clean and tidy. You can make one with a fun print to add some personality to your sewing room or add a layer of batting for extra padding. I added mine on top of the existing ironing board because I wanted to make my ironing corner brighter so I didn’t need extra padding.

9. Patchwork pincushion for your sewing machine

Sewing machine pin cushion

Talking about pincushions! This patchwork pincushion is perfect for keeping your pins and needles close while you sew. It can be attached to the side of your sewing machine for easy access. I made not one but two of these cuties and it was life changing.

10. Pincushion from old photo frame

Picture frame pin cushion

Yes, I may have a thing for pincushions! But simply because they’re so useful and fun to make and I have tons of different size pins. This pincushion made from an old photo frame is not only practical, but it also adds a touch of vintage charm to your sewing room décor.

11. Wrist pincushion

Wrist pincushion

For those who prefer a more portable pincushion, this wrist pincushion is perfect. It keeps your pins close by while you work and frees up space on your sewing table. Plus, it’s cute and functional!

12. Pumpkin trio pincushion

Pumpkin pincushion tutorial

And this giant pincushion is perfect for those who have lots of pins and needles because it has three compartments. It’s also a fun project to make for fall and adds so much interest to your sewing table or shelf.

13. Easy rope bowl

These easy rope bowls are perfect for storing small sewing notions such as buttons, snaps, or zippers. You can make them in different sizes and colors to fit your needs, and they add a touch of texture to your space. They’re super versatile, I made some for popcorn on movie nights.

14. Fabric trash bin

How to make a fabric basket

No more fabric scraps and threads all over the floor and table! This fabric trash bin is not only practical but also incredibly easy to sew. You can make it in any size to fit your needs, and it’s easy to empty and clean since the inside is made with vinyl fabric.

15. Quilted boxy zipper pouch

Small zipper pouch

These quilted boxy zipper pouches are great for organizing your sewing tools and storing them in one place. You can make different sizes to fit your various items, and the quilting adds a nice touch of texture to the pouch.

16. Sewing machine mat with thread catcher

Thread catcher

This sewing machine mat is not only a great way to protect your table from scratches, but it also adds some extra functionality. The thread catcher is perfect for keeping your threads and fabric scraps off the floor, making your sewing room tidier, cleaner and more efficient.

17. French braid mat

Small quilt

Add a touch of elegance to your sewing room with this French braid mat. It’s perfect for holding your machine while you work on your projects. Plus, it adds a stylish touch to your space.

18. Mini fabric baskets

How to make a basket

These mini fabric baskets are great for storing small sewing tools and supplies like buttons, snaps or bobbins. They’re also perfect to keep your work area neat and organized while adding a fun pop of color.

19. One handle bag for fabric scraps

One handle fabric tote bag

I initially designed this reversible one handle bag with grocery shopping in mind but soon after I noticed how good it looks in my sewing room as a fabric scrap bag. It’s great to have by your side while you sew, and it helps reduce waste and keep your workspace clean.

20. Triangle coin pouch for tiny sewing items

Coin purse pattern

This mini coin pouch is perfect for storing tiny sewing notions like buttons or snaps. It’s also great for keeping your purse organized and makes a thoughtful gift for fellow sewing enthusiasts.

21. Make selvage fabric to reduce the fabric scraps stash

How to make fabric from selvage

Make your own selvage fabric from the scraps of your projects to reduce waste and add a unique touch to your sewing projects. You can make it into coasters or placemats or this adorable toiletry bag.

22. Fabric twine

How to Make Fabric Twine

Another great way to use up fabric scraps and free up space in your sewing cabinets is by making fabric twine and turning it into cute and functional fabric twine trivets or bowls.

23. Cord organizer

Cord holder sewing tutorial

Keep your cords and chargers organized with a fabric cord organizer. It’s a simple project that can easily be customized to fit your needs and add some personality to your tech gadgets while keeping your sewing room clutter-free.

24. Phone charger holder

DIY charging station sewing tutorial

Keep your phone and charger all in one place with this phone charger holder. It’s perfect for charging your phone while sewing or working on other projects, and it helps keep your cords neat and tangle-free.

25. Quilted tissue holder

Two handmade quilted tissue holders in different sizes

Running a cold doesn’t keep you away from your beloved sewing room? Say goodbye to those unsightly tissue boxes and create a cute and functional quilted tissue holder for your sewing space. You can choose from a variety of fabric patterns to match your sewing room’s décor and keep your tissues easily accessible.

There are endless possibilities for creating useful and decorative items for your sewing room so you can keep it organized, tidy and personalized. These sewing room ideas are not only budget-friendly, but also allow you to use up fabric scraps and unleash your creativity. So have fun and let your sewing room reflect your style and passion for sewing!


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25 sewing projects for a tidy, organized sewing room: From cute pincushions to stylish sewing mats, get inspired to create in your cozy space!

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