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Struggling with sewing and looking for ways to make it easier? Take a look at this list of helpful sewing tips that can improve your efficiency and overall sewing experience. The list includes tips for beginners and even some lesser-known tricks for experienced sewers. You’ll find lots of clever sewing hacks that you wish you had known earlier!

The best sewing tips and tricks

Sewing hacks

As a seasoned sewer, I’ve picked up some helpful sewing tips along the way that I’ve shared on this site. While I may not have as much experience as some readers, I was happy to find that some of my sewing hacks were new to even the most experienced sewers.

I don’t want to come across as selfish, but I was actually happy about my discovery because it allows me to help others improve their sewing skills and learn new techniques even after years and years of sewing. I’ve learned a lot from various sources myself, including my mom (who’s been sewing for over 60 years), my aunts, my sewing buddies, and readers of this site

Other tutorials you will love:

The sewing tips and tricks I got to share on the site were proving super helpful for many of you and this can only fill my heart with joy! I love sewing, in spite of the bad days (we all have them, every once in a while, right?). But I also love taking the easy peasy route! And that’s what these sewing tips are for! Whether you are new to sewing or you’re a pro, these sewing hacks are going to help you improve your skills and make sewing easier, faster and more productive!

Because, let’s be honest here! We all have things to learn when it comes to sewing and even if we’ve been sewing for a while, there are probably techniques we haven’t tried yet and it’s great to learn about! So, I’ve put together a roundup of some of my own sewing tips that I apply in all of my sewing projects.


sewing better, faster!!

In this special FREE series, you'll learn my most powerful SECRETS that will improve your sewing skills and help you sew like a pro! Join 38,210 sewing enthusiasts like you!


Sewing tips and tricks that will improve your skills

Unusual sewing hacks

  • Did you know you can get perfectly neat hems when you make your own hem gauge? This super duper hem gauge is so cheap and easy to make, with materials you already have on hand you’ll absolutely love it!
  • Top stitch like a pro or sew perfect seam allowances when you learn this easy hack for making your own seam guide.
  • Love the look of those teeny tiny spaghetti straps? Making your own rouleau straps is a lot easier and faster than you think! See this spaghetti straps trick!
  • How do you turn the tubes of fabric right side out? This ingenious trick uses a household item you never thought of playing a part in your arsenal of sewing tools.
  • Sewing sharp corners or points is like counting 1,2,3 with this easy trick!
  • Bias tape is such a wonderful way to finish sewing projects! But did you know you can make your own bias tape at home without a bias tape maker or other fancy tools? All you need is a pin and your pressing iron! See how here!
  • How do you join elastic ends? Do you like that much bulkiness? Me neither! That’s why I sew my elastics this way! No more bulk and the seam looks so pretty!
  • Storing and organizing your spools and bobbins doesn’t have to cost you a thing when you make these bobbin storage ideas yourself!

Basic but important sewing techniques

  • Setting the correct pressure on the presser foot has a big impact on your sewing project and the quality of the end result. Adjusting the pressure on your presser foot is a very important step you might need to take in each and every sewing project. Learn how to adjust presser foot pressure here.
  • But tension setting requires a little more than just adjusting the presser foot pressure. Bobbin tension plays a big part too and many sewing machines require adjusting the bobbin tension too. Learn about bobbin tension here.
  • Do you know how to use your seam ripper properly? Do you really know what all those seam ripper parts are for? Check out if you’ve been using it wrong or not in this tutorial for proper seam ripper use.
  • Love sewing with striped fabric but never manage to match those stripes right? See how to match stripes perfectly with this crazy easy tip!
  • Do you know how to clip and notch seam allowances? If this sounds nothing but gibberish to you, then checking this tutorial is just what you need to shed light!
  • Need some good tips for cutting fabric square? Here’s how I true up fabric and always get perfectly straight fabrics!
  • Having plenty pincushions on hand plays a big role in making sewing faster and easier for me! But do you have to purchase them all? Not really! Making your own pincushion is so easy peasy and a great way to use up some fabric scraps and recycled items, like a photo frame. Check out how I made all of mine here and here.
  • Choosing the right sewing needle types for your projects makes a huge difference! Understand all about sewing machine needles with this simple and easy needle guide that will help you choose the right needle every time!

Add interest to your projects with these tips

  • Gather fabric like a pro, easy, fast and pretty with this handy trick!
  • Add more interest to your garments when you incorporate the shirring technique! Shirring is a lot easier than one might think and it’s such a pretty detail for garments or even home decor items!
  • Did you know you can box corners in three ways? Check them all out here!
  • Got your eye on a pretty project that requires vinyl? Check out these tricks for sewing with vinyl to get the best results!
  • Or laminate your own fabric at home for a similar fabric! Check out how I make my own here!
  • Lettuce hem! Yup, this is an actual thing in sewing, I have not invented this word or technique and this pretty hem looks like this!
  • Love the look of those corded bag handles? Making your own is crazy easy and fun! See how I make mine here and here!
  • Having a beautiful finish on your seams doesn’t have to involve investing in a serger, if it’s not in your budget! Finish seams without one by either using a zig zag stitch, a French seam or a flat fell seam.

How to get better at sewing?

Sewing gets better with practice, that’s a fact. And while you might feel like you don’t have the time to practice, there are many ways in which you can do it more efficiently! Here are some tips I got for getting better at sewing:

Invest in quality tools and materials

Having the right tools, thread and fabrics makes all the difference when it comes to sewing. A really good pair of scissors or a powerful sewing machine can make a huge difference in the way you sew.

Start small

Try out new techniques or fabrics on a smaller scale first. It will help you gain confidence as well as figure out how different kinds of materials behave when sewn together.

Take classes

Go to your local fabric store, craft shop, quilt guilds and look for classes related to the particular type of sewing project you want to tackle. This way, you’ll learn from someone with experience and be able to ask them questions or get advice on how to do things the right way.

Read tutorials

Online tutorials are a great resource for learning new techniques and honing existing ones! So don’t forget to read some tutorials once in a while. My website is full of helpful tutorials so don’t forget to check it out every now and then. Sign up for my newsletter to keep yourself up to date with the latest sewing patterns and tutorials that I publish on the website.


sewing better, faster!!

In this special FREE series, you'll learn my most powerful SECRETS that will improve your sewing skills and help you sew like a pro! Join 38,210 sewing enthusiasts like you!


Use easy fabrics

In the first few months stick to easy to sew fabrics such as cotton and fat quarters. This will save you a lot of frustrating time and help you get better at sewing faster. You can upgrade to tricky lightweight fabrics such as silk, organza or chiffon or hard to sew ones such as stretch fabrics, canvas, denim and other heavyweight fabrics once you have some practice under your belt.

Seek feedback

Once you have something finished, don’t be afraid to show it off and ask for constructive criticism from fellow sewers. They can point out any flaws and suggest ways for improvement that you may have not thought of before. Join my Facebook group if you’re looking for more ways to connect with other sewers.

Use easy to work with details

If you’re still uncomfortable to use a zipper in your projects, modify them to accommodate a button instead or use Velcro. Only add zippers when you’re ready to take on the challenge.

Take breaks!

Sewing is a creative process that requires a lot of concentration. So, don’t forget to take regular breaks and give yourself the time to re-energize and come back with a clear mind.

Practice, practice, practice

In the end, nothing takes the place of hands-on experience. So work on your sewing skills by making more and more projects! You’ll be surprised at how quickly you improve when you put in some effort.

How long does it take to get good at sewing?

The answer to this question really depends on the individual. Some people may take as little as a few weeks while others may take months or years to become skilled sewers. It all depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put in, and also on how quickly you learn new techniques and apply them correctly.

It’s important to keep in mind that even experienced sewers make mistakes on occasion! Learning and improving your sewing skills is a lifelong process. With practice and dedication, you will become more proficient at sewing over time. So don’t give up if it doesn’t happen quickly – keep practicing and putting in the effort to get better!  Good luck!

Finally, here’s my last tip: Have fun while sewing! It should be enjoyable and creative, so make sure you take the time to enjoy the process of making something from scratch. Once you start to have fun with it, I’m sure your skills will improve in no time!

Now that you have so many sewing tips, tricks and hacks in your arsenal, sewing like a pro will be a dream come true pretty soon! Happy sewing!

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Ingenious sewing tips and hacks

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