60+ Quick sewing projects under 30 minutes

If you’ve been looking for quick sewing projects, these 30 minute sewing projects are perfect for sewists of all levels! Whether you are an ultimate beginner looking to improve your sewing skills or have more experience but want something fun and quick to sew on boring afternoons, these simple sewing projects are a quick sew that everyone will enjoy!

Easy quick sewing projects

Sewing is fun and rewarding but you know what’s even more fun and rewarding? Quick sewing projects! You can do a lot with a little time if you really want to and when you love sewing, you’ll always find a little time! It’s so great to sit down and sew something that doesn’t take too long, doesn’t involve a lot of planning ahead and is almost 100% foolproof! Picking one of these easy sewing projects, you can be done fast and have a finished project in less than 30 minutes. Even less if you’re an experienced sewist!

I’ve done a handful of these quick sewing projects myself, not by choice and mostly because I don’t have time for something more complicated or lengthier. I love sewing and try to set aside some sewing time at least a few times a week (my goal was once a day but life always happens…). And for this reason, I try and pick small projects that I’m able to sew in less than half an hour so I can squeeze some of that wonderful sewing time in my busy schedule. So I’ve sewn these quick sewing projects when my daughter was away for school or she took a nap (not often enough for my taste lol) or did her homework.

Quick sewing projects

Quick sewing projects

Quickly whip up these beautiful 30 minutes sewing projects on days when you want to get crafty but don’t have the time you wish you would!


Hair accessories

  1. Super simple fabric flowers – Learn how to make pretty fabric flower to embellish any clothing item
  2. Adorable lace headband – Lace can prettify almost anything so why not make your own lovely headband in just a few easy steps with this 15 minutes lace headband tutorial.
  3. Simple wire headband – Having a bad hair day? Make a cute and practical DIY Wire Headband and spice up your look!
  4. Knot bow headband – Quickly create a knit headband to match any outfit all year round, from spring to winter!
  5. Bunny hair clip – This adorable bunny hair clip is fun, quick to make and great addition to a festive outfit!
  6. Butterfly hair bow – These butterfly hair bows are so simple to make with fabric scraps and are perfect for girls of all ages!
  7. Knot hair ties – These adorable knotted hair ties are great for pigtails, ponytails or buns and are a cute accessory at any time. This is a great project for beginners or kids, as it only needs basic sewing skills. And it’s ready in about 10 minutes.

Other accessories

  1. Infinity scarf – Need an easy peasy sewing project that is perfect for the ultimate beginner? Making an infinity scarf is one of the simplest projects you could start with in your sewing journey!
  2. Fabric yo-yo flowers – These pretty fabric yo yo flowers are super easy to make and a great project for beginners. Also a perfect way to update your wardrobe on a budget!
  3. Bunny sleep mask – Ready in about half an hour, this cute sleep mask is a great gift idea for Easter!
  4. Fabric keychains – These homemade keychains are super quick & easy to make and are a fun project for beginner sewers!
  5. Fabric card holder – Need a safe place to store your credit cards, ID cards, business cards and even a little bit of cash when going out? Sew yourself a useful and practical DIY card holder!
  6. Face mask pattern – Make your own reusable face mask that is breathable, comfortable to wear and easy to sew with this simple face mask pattern! An adorable fabric face mask pattern made in the fabric you love!
  7. Easy 10 minutes fabric bows – Whether you’re embellishing gifts, clothing, or home décor, your eye-catching fabric bows are sure to impress.

Sewing for home

Home décor

  1. Bunny door hanger – If you’re an ultimate beginner sewist who loves simplicity, this super easy and quick bunny door hanger is just the right project for you!
  2. Scalloped carrot treat pouch – These Easter carrot treat bags with cute scallops are a fun and easy Easter sewing project
  3. Easy fabric bunting – With endless color choices, Christmas fabric buntings are an excellent way to add color and texture to a room, the easy and quick way
  4. Valentine heart garland – Ready in no time, this fabric garland is a great beginner sewing project that doubles up as a super easy project for the novice crafter!
  5. Bunny banner – Made with fabric scraps, this bunny decor is perfect for kids room but works great as Easter banner too!
  6. School supplies organizer – Be ready for any occasion and tidy up with this amazing DIY school supplies organizer!
  7. Coiled rope rug – Spruce up your entry way with a touch of nautical charm by sewing your own DIY rope rug! This delightful coiled rug effortlessly adds a fun and stylish element to your front door area.
  8. Stylish quilted tissue holders – Do you always find yourself misplacing tissues or having them clutter up your space? Imagine having a practical and stylish solution to keep your tissues neatly organized and within reach.
  9. Quilted Christmas tree door hanging – This captivating and unique decoration will instantly become the focal point of your entryway, spreading joy and festive vibes to all who pass by.
  10. Easy peasy cord organizer – Unleash your creativity and bring functionality to your space with this handy and cost-effective solution.
  11. 10 Minutes sew hand warmers – Don’t let cold hands ruin your day – warm them up with this fantastic 10 minutes sewing project!
  12. Quilted phone charger holder – This easy-to-make phone charging holder is perfect for organizing phone cords and keeping them tidy while charging your phone.

For the sewing room

  1. Chicken fabric weights – These chicken weights made with fabric are an adorable way to keep your sewing patterns or fabrics from moving! So easy to make and great scrap busters!
  2. Pumpkin trio pincushion – Make yourself a cute pincushion with this quick pumpkin pincushion tutorial! This trio pumpkin stack would also make a great home décor for fall.
  3. Triangle fabric weights – These sewing weights are perfect for skipping pins when tracing your patterns but are also cute enough to use as home décor!
  4. Sewing machine needle sorting pincushion – This sewing needle holder is super fast & easy to make and helps you keep track of your sewing needles at all times!
  5. Quilted mug shaped fabric containers – a great way to store small sewing items in a stylish and practical manner. This type of container uses fabric to create a unique, quilted mug look that is both decorative and functional.
  6. Easy sewing supplies organizer – If you’re you tired of spending precious time rummaging through messy drawers and tangled threads in search of your sewing supplies, I have the ultimate solution for you: a beautiful, easy to sew, quilted sewing supplies organizer.
  7. Super simple way to make your own hem gauge – If you’ve been struggling to sew neat, even hems all the time, in this quick tutorial you’ll learn the easy way to create the perfect hem using your own handmade hem ruler!

For the kitchen

  1. Rope bowls – Turn the humble rope into a beautiful, handy rope bowl!
  2. Cutlery holder pouch – Dress up your pretty holiday cutlery even more with these adorable pockets
  3. Reusable fabric bowl cover – Create personalized fabric bowl covers and tote your side dishes to potlucks and barbecues in style!
  4. Fabric twine kitchen trivets – These super useful homemade trivets are a great beginners project and perfect idea to use up some of those fabric scraps!
  5. Oval pocket pot holder pattern – These oval shaped pot holders are perfect for your cooking needs! They’re perfect for bringing along to picnics, BBQs, or just keeping in your kitchen.
  6. No binding hot pads – These easy to make and customizable hot pads are the perfect addition to your kitchen.
  7. Plastic bags holders – Creating your very own plastic bag dispenser is easier than ever with this easy peasy sewing tutorial. Not only does it provide convenience in terms of storage, but it is also environmentally friendly.
  8. Crazy easy cutlery holders – Interested in sewing your own decorative cutlery holder? You’re in luck! This simple sewing project will take you 15 minutes tops!
  9. Rectangle pocket pot holder with ruffles – It’s time to spice up your kitchen with a pocket potholder featuring a trendy ruffle detail.


  1. Basic pillowcase – This pillowcase tutorial is so quick and easy that you’ll be finding yourself making pillowcases for everyone!
  2. Christmas tree pillows – A Christmas tree pillow (or a bunch of these cuties) is a fun and adorable addition to your holiday decor!
  3. Adorable bunny pillow – This easy bunny sewing pattern makes an adorable stuffed bunny that could play as a softie for smaller kids or as a decorative bunny pillow for older ones.
  4. Bean bag tutorial – This funky DIY bean bag chair is so comfy and easy to make, you’ll want to sew one for each member of your family

Garment ideas

  1. 10 Minutes skirt – Need a quick skirt that’s easy to make, comfortable to wear and looks adorable? Make this easy peasy diy a line skirt!
  2. Paper bag skirt – Wanna make a super easy but comfy and cute skirt? This paper bag skirt is just perfect for you!
  3. Wide leg trousers – These DIY wide leg trousers are so simple to draft, cut and sew, perfect project for beginners!
  4. 30 minutes women’ skirt – This skirt tutorial will teach you how to make your own simple skirt pattern with elastic waist, made for your own body shape and measurements and that will fit you perfectly!
  5. Batwing top from a scarf – Learn how to sew a scarf into a top and make yourself a flattering, comfortable top with this easy and quick batwing top tutorial!
  6. No zipper knit half circle skirt – Put together an amazing half skirt that will fit you just perfectly with this easy half circle skirt tutorial!
  7. Scallop V-neck t-shirt tutorial – Transform any ordinary t-shirt into a chic fashion statement with this easy step-by-step guide.
  8. Full apron from a pillowcase – With just a few basic materials and some beginner-level stitching skills, you can create a stylish and functional pillow case apron in no time.
  9. 10 minutes half apron from a pillowcase – This easy-to-make apron is perfect for anyone who loves sewing and is on the hunt for a quick, enjoyable project.

Bag ideas

  1. Simple crossbody bag with faux leather – Perfect for beginners, this minimalist crossbody bag made from faux leather is ideal for carrying your essentials with ease and flair.
  2. Towel beach bag – Turn an old towel into a cute and roomy tote bag with this super easy towel bag tutorial.
  3. Hello Kitty coin pouch – This Hello Kitty coin purse is the perfect handmade gift that won’t take up a lot of time to make and looks incredibly cute!
  4. Bunny treat bags – These little Easter treat bags are so irresistibly cute and perfect for hiding Easter treats!
  5. Round crossbody bag for girls – Need an awesome gift idea to impress a little girl in your life? Make this cute crossbody purse and she’ll love you forever!
  6. Evening purse from placemat – This fun evening purse is so easy to sew from a placemat or simply a round piece of fabric!
  7. How to add lining to a bag – In this sewing tutorial you’ll learn how to line a bag using the simplest method that works for almost any style of purse!
  8. Mini lavender bags – Making lavender bags at home is easy peasy with this super simple DIY lavender bags tutorial! It involves minimal sewing, making it perfect for beginners and it’s a great scrap buster project!
  9. Lined zipper pouch – Sewing a pouch is easy, fun and practical! Make a bunch of cute pouches with lining using this simple zippered pouch tutorial!
  10. Essential oils carrier pouch – Carry your favorite oils in a cute and convenient case with this easy to make essential oil pouch.

Gift ideas

  1. Valentine fabric envelopes – These adorable DIY envelopes are perfect as Valentine envelopes for love letters but they work just as great as fabric envelope pouches for small gifts or treats for kids!
  2. Heart fabric bookmark – ! Make your own bookmark for personal use or make a cute heart bookmark as a Valentine’s Day gift for a “bookworm”!


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Quick sewing tips you will love:

Please note, the sewing time I’m talking about in these projects doesn’t include the prep time. For most of my projects I prepare the fabrics and supplies ahead of time, the night before. Some of the projects will take less than 30 minutes but if you’re an absolute beginner, you might want to take things slow (think snail slow) and that would probably add a few more minutes.

Nevertheless, these quick sewing projects are super easy and fun and you will enjoy making them all so much!


Quick sewing projects

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